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what is the difference between imported ipad and not imported ipad? why is that the imported ipad is expensive than not imported ipad?

what is there difference we all know that the both gadgets are the same? right?

because i'm confuse if i buy the chipper price or not because i thought that the chipper 1 is class a. so tell me what is the difference between imported and not imported apple products so that i will not be confuse choosing the product.

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Hi. Thanks for reaching out to us.

The only difference between these two i that IMPORT items will come from our Crossborder Merchants from abroad, thus making it more expensive than the others. Also, for this, you can only use payments via BDO Credit card for installment, Megalink, Bancnet, Hellopay and payments via Visa or Mastercard Credit card. Is there anything we can help you with?

Please let us know. =D

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