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Update by user May 27

I won't mark this yet as resolved coz of my issue with cargo king. I marked another review as resolved because I've been tracking down my new orders and their delivery partner has assigned them to ninja van which gives me more assurance of my parcels being delivered.

Original review posted by user May 23

Daniel Ducayag here again. I have a Lazada account registered to my email

My phone number listed is 09954336231. I'm sick and tired complaining about lazada's system generated delivery assignments. Please read my previous two reviews here.

Lazada assigned most of my parcels to cargo king inspite of my complaints. As if they intentionally wanted to irritate me.

As a result 3 of my parcels didn't get delivered. Lazada pls don't ask me again to provide order numbers as you have it in your computers. Magtrabaho naman yang mga tauhan nyo at sila na maghanap. Since May 21 I have been receiving notifications from cargo king that they would deliver my parcels.

Delivery failed on May 21. After notification on May 22, I received a call from a female cargo king working asking if it is possible to reschedule delivery for may 23 since they do not have an avaible transportation. I said ok and asked how many parcels was to be delivered, she answered, 1. I said I had notification for delivery of 3 parcels from cargo king not 1.

So she said she will look for the rest para minsanan lang delivery. Then I get a second call from a male worker asking to reschedule delivery also. I said another worker just called and said the same.

It seems to me Cargo King has a very disorganized system. As my 3 parcels were assigned to different drivers.

That's just a waste of resources. Why not assign all my parcels to one person? In the end, yesterday, I received a notification of delivery. Pero anong nangyari, WALANG DELIVERY ULI.

Then when I looked in my account the parcels are now marked failed delivery and is going to be returned to seller. WOW TALAGA CARGO KING!!!

Ilang beses nyo ba ginawa to sa akin. I wonder how many people out there have the same experience as I did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cargo King Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Hi VulgarCrab, we understand your disappointments and we appreciate that you reached out to us. For us to settle this matter the soonest, may we know the order number that is associated with your concern?

For more questions and updates, you may reach us via our Contact Us page at

You may also reach us via our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, Youtube and Google+, LIVE Chat is available from 8am-5pm Mondays-Fridays. Regards!

to LazadaPH #1692003

Pls refer to my account for the order numbers. Surely, you can easily look them up in your computer.

Nevertheless, I have marked a more recent review in this forum as resolved because so far, I have tracked my orders being assigned to ninja van now giving me more assurance of receiving my items. I hope it would remain that way for future orders. You might as well junk cargo king or at least tell them to shape up or ship out. That goes as well for LBC express Baguio-Benguet.

By the way, your live chat also sucks.

I could hardly get any live person but that robotic Cleo of yours to message. Fix it.

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