Well i've read a few of these incidents occuring in the last month on so i thought i would post my experience. Order Confirmation 389896398 2017-03-07 17:43:50 Make a 3275.00 peso purchase on 2017-03-07 17:43:50 I receive a email confirmation that my order was received.

2017-03-07 I see that my credit card was charged. Typical industry procedure to to only charge the credit card when the order is shipped. I check the tracking information provided by Lazada to see that my order was canceled. For whatever reason Lazada doesn't follow this procedure.

THE BIGGEST ISSUE HERE IS THAT I NEVER RECEIVED AN EMAIL SAYING THAT THE ORDER WAS CANCELED. 2017-03-08 ~12:50pm I contact Lazada Customer Service, Brenda says the transaction was invalid, and the money is "floating." and that my bank would be able to fix this. 2017-03-08 ~1:30pm I contact my bank, they said that the merchant Lazada have received the transaction they even quoted the exact amount 3275.00 pesos, and whether the money is returned or not is up to Lazada. 2017-03-08 ~1:45pm i contact Lazada Customer Service, Leo answers my call, he asks for the order number, i give him 3 sets of numbers with 3 digits totalling 9 numbers.

He says that there are missing numbers and he hangs up on me. 2017-03-08 ~1:50pm contact lazada customer service again i get the "floating credit" explanation again, with added explanation that the billing information i provided didn't match my banking information. This can't be true as my bank "sent" the money meaning they validated the transaction, which is why the money is "floating" in the first place, so there is a bug on Lazada's end when it comes to credit card transactions. Several other customers filing complains here is proof of that.

So this is either a bug or corrupt employees stealing money, this may especially be the case as i never received an email indicating that the order was canceled by Lazada. Give me my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $3250.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Cod orders.

I didn't like: Poorly handles credit transaction.

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Hi, I just cancelled an order like an hour ago, I paid it thru credit card, amounting off 11,000 php. imI canceled it due to my outdated email address, phone number and address, forgot to change it when I placed my order. How long will it take before I get the refund?


I got the same concern, where Lazada never even tried to provide an answer and a resolution on a payment charged on our credit card despite the cancelled transaction without notice. Lazada is definitely fraud. My credit card was charged for PHP 2900.00 last August 10, 2017 and it's been almost 2 months and they never bothered to return the money despite the numerous calls, follow ups, emails and chats!

Para, Paranaque, Philippines #1301770

handed over my contact phone number to Lazada, and ive suddenly been getting prank phone calls and hang ups as soon as i answer ever since. What a bunch bullies and criminals.

Makati, Manila, Philippines #1300434
Hi adrleung, we appreciate the time you took in contacting us regarding the clarification why your order has been cancelled.
However, as per checking in our system. Your order (389896398) has been rejected or declined by our system.

The following information could be the possible reasons;
1. Mismatch Credit Card information - Even with a single word or letter could be a discrepancy. Make sure the billing address should match with the Credit Card Information.
2. Credit Limit - Please be advised that your credit limit should meet the amount of the item you are trying to buy.

Authorized user - If you are using someone else credit card, be advised that there will be a verification coming from the bank's end and our end for the verification of the order.
4. Online Transactions - Is your credit card/debit card allowed for Online transactions. What happened to your transaction is that your bank authorized the amount (taken out of your credit limit) but it is not settled or paid to our bank account, which means the amount taken out of your account will go expire or time out within 5-15 banking days for Credit Cards or 3-45 banking days for debit card (Depends on the involved amount). This means your authorization will fall off without us having to do anything on our end.

You may check your upcoming billing statement to have it clarify on your card reversal auto refund. For more concerns, you may also send us message / comments via Lazada's Social Media accounts (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google+ -- icons may be found at the lower part of Lazada's website,

You may also visit our Help Center using this link: Good day!
to LazadaPH Para, Paranaque, Philippines #1300635

Everything i've written in my original post has a counter statement to everything you've copy pasted.

According to my bank you and "your system" have not initiated the refund procedure. My bank can't require the "floating amount" because your system has accepted the payment.

to LazadaPH #1339753

lazada is talking *** balik nyo ang dapat ibalik sa customer nyo....naibalik na un item na inorder ko sa inyo dahil sira un deniliver nyo..until now un refund ko wala pa bastos lahat ng customer service nyo.walang maisagot ng maayos araw araw ako tumatawag sa inyo to follow up umabot na ng 1 month wala parin unfair nyo.. be fair kasi di namin pinupulot lang kung saan pera namin.sasabihin na forward na sa payment team nyo until now wala parin action yan may 23 2017 pa asa inyo un item na binalik ko... june 14 2017 na wala padin refund..talking *** kayo

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