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replace the damage items.

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Normal i'm satisfied with Lazada. Only when you have a problem, damage item, lost item etc, there is no direct way to send an email to complain.

You first get that stupid machine CLEO who everyAlmurung time send the same stupid message direct after u had contact. txt which has nothing to do with your problem at that time. I had a phone number of Lazada in Manila. That is in the way off, press nr....

and then press nr.... chose nr.....and at the end you get disconnected.

Why they just don't have a direct contact possibility to explain your complaint. Person to person or with an email. Now on their email it's: no replay.

They write having 140 Milton costumers. So a contact button should be on their site to avoid angry people like me now. It cost you hours and you get nowhere.

My experience in the past. After not getting action in a few days, i send an email to CEO Ray Alimurung about my complain.

Then i make a dossier of what i send, to which email adresses+ their answers and bring it to the DTI. Mostly they, in my cases, make a phone call and things were fixed very very quick.

I'm also going to suquest the DTI to force Lazada a direct complaint possibility and not true that stupid CLEO machine.

If anybody has other options, react on this message.


User's recommendation: force Lazada to take direct action if something is wrong. With so many cosumers always something can go wrong but give the costumer a change to complain. I always pay with credit card. to make it easy for Lazada. From now on only cask at delivery so i can check up the product before paying.

Preferred solution: replage damage item..

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