I was in need of a new fridge and I just heard of lazada.com.ph. So I browsed around and checked on what they got to offer. The selection was pretty good. They got a huge range of home appliance options that you could choose from small appliances like oven toasters, rice cookers and flat iron to big ones like washing machines, ai rconditioners and refrigerators. I also love that they carry big name brands because I don't readily trust brands that I have not heard of before. I simply don't like spending my money on cheap inferior quality stuff that will not work after just a couple of months use. Given everything that I observed during my window shopping, I thought why I don't just get my new fridge from them. I heard from my buddy that they got free delivery available which is awesome since most department stores and appliance centers add at least some 800 PHP to get the stuff to your doorstep which is a hefty sum of money in my opinion. Plus Lazada has a very reasonable return policy. They give their customers 14 days to return the item if you change your mind about the order or if the item you got was damaged or defective. Now that is great customer service right there. Some companies will only give you like 7 days to return the item plus they will have you go through some complicated return procedures that adds up to your aggravation. Lazada Philippines just made it so easy for the consumer. The shipping turnaround time takes approximately 2-5 business days after your payment has been cleared if you are located in Metro Manila and longer if you are located outside like around 5-10 business days which of course makes a lot of sense for me. The wait time is the only little downside I could think of in online shopping as opposed to shopping at the department store where of course you will be bringing home the item with you upon check out. But it doesn't matter, that is a trade-off and I could live with that. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and 2-5 business days for delivery is not that long anyway. I was looking at this cool two door Electrolux refrigerator which I was really glad that got in stock when I called customer service. I placed my order and waited 2-5 business to get it and sure enough it arrived within the promised delivery timeframe in perfect condition. Just like what I expected from Lazada. They made the right choice in partnering up with a well-known delivery service like LBC to take care of their customer's items. That sure adds a lot of value and confidence. I am currently planning a home renovation project and you bet I will certainly pick some home improvement items up from Lazada Philippines. Thanks Lazada! Keep on doing what you have been doing best. =)

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Shipping Service.

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