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Good day Lazada,

Today, I received my item terribly. The item was good just how I expected it to be but your courier didn't treat me well.

Early morning, I received a text saying "this is from lazada, I will deliver your item today please call."

I immediately called after the text, and he asked for some directions to our house, I told him some landmarks and which way he had to go so he can deliver it in an easy way. After directing him, I told him that I was in school since I still had a class. I also told him that if he really wanted me to be the one to receive the item, he could come to meet me. I asked him if it was okay for him to deliver it to my school instead which is in Lahug but he refused. He said he could only deliver it to the address I stated in lazada. I agreed, so I was okay with it. I told him only our maid and my mother was left in the house, he can just drop the item there. He said "okay I will deliver it after lunch".

After lunch, he texted me again that "This is from lazada. Reply to confirm your order or it may be cancelled"

How come it will be "cancelled" when I already paid for the product ahead of time? And I thought we made it clear already that he'll just drop the item at our house since we already had an agreement earlier.

I replied to the text..

Me: What?

Courier: Okay on the way there

Me: Ok

(The courier called but I wasn't able to answer it) So I called back and this is how our conversation went ..

Courier: Where can I find your house?

Me: After Mhuillher, there is a carwash. Beside the carwash there is a Chapel named Birhen sa regla.

Courier: Ok I'm infront of the chapel right now

Me: Just ask the people in there where our house specifically is.

Courier: Can you come over here because I can no longer enter there.

Me: How come? I stated my complete address, you should deliver it into my house. And I told you earlier I'm in school already. Only our maid and my mom is left in the house.

Courier: Can you call your maid to come over here?

Me: I dont have any num. Can you just please just drop off the item in our house because I'm still in school.

(He started raising his voice while answering me)

Courier: I cant deliver this item, without you or an authorization letter so this may be cancelled.

Me: If you told me earlier that it needs an authorization letter I would have left a letter to our maid earlier before I went to school. Why are you saying this now? I've been ordering Lazada's products since last year but this is the only delivery I had a problem with. Even my brothers have been ordering from Lazada but they didn't have any problems at all. May I know your name sir?

Courier: (He ended the call)

I was very dissapointed being told that my order was going to be cancelled just because I won't be the one to receive it or because I didn't have an authorization letter when I already paid for the item. I immediately rushed to our house because I didn't want my order to be cancelled. I already paid for it. Who would want their paid item to be cancelled? Plus, I've been waiting for it for days already.

I called again the courier, and told him I will go home and he said ok. I travelled all the way from Lahug to Labangon. Thankfully it was not traffic. After how many minutes, I was already infront of the chapel near our house and I called him again and he said he will come back since he left for another delivery. I was okay with it. I waited for quite some time and when he arrived and this is how it went...

Me: Sir if you told me earlier that it needs an authorization letter I would have left one to our maid.

Courier: I though you were in your house.

Me: I told you earlier that I was in school.

Courier: But we cant deliver this without you because in our new seminar, if we don't deliver the item to the buyer it will be our fault and we will be the ones to pay the product.

Me: But I already paid for the item, and we had an agreement earlier that you were just gonna drop it in our house and if you can't deliver the item without me why did you tell me to text my maid to come over infront of the chapel? And you didnt ask and authorization letter earlier. I rushed going here from Lahug just for this even if I still had classes.

Courier: that is okay.

Me: Can I have my item right now.

The Courier handed me the papers which I signed. He continuously talked so fast, I did not understand him. The only lines I heard him say properly were – "I'm from Tisa. We are just neighbors. Whatever problem you have, you could find me in Tisa in Sitio (I cant remember which area he said). I just told him we dont have to make this conversation too long. "Let's end this."

Tisa is a known place where many bad guys are, and its just next of our barangay. I dont want any trouble, I just want to report your courier because I wasn't pleased with his service. I also don't want to be the one to blame if ever he gets repremanded or whatsoever. I have been patient with all the waiting I had to do because I wanted the item so badly even if it arrived later than the day I was supposed to use it. Plus, I gave the complete address already. I also gave him landmarks for it to be easier for him to deliver my order. I had seriously no problems before with all the items I ordered online from Lazada. In fact, me and my family had no bad experiences at all. Not until today. This was the first time it happened and hopefully, you won't allow this to happen again. I understand that maybe he was in a rush with his deliveries but he didn't have to talk to me that way. Plus, being a courier also means he had to use his common sense. If he was finding for a specific place and he was already near the landmarks given, he could've asked the people there. And if ever there were changes with your terms and conditions, he could've informed me a day before his delivery or earlier today.

Thank you so much for reading this report even if it may be a bit long. I just want to express my disappointment with the courier's service. This is also my way of helping you do better service next time. Thank you again and God bless!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Service by lazada.

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