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Update by user May 24, 2018

Today is May 25, 2018. In my last update, I reported that I was given some of my money back.

It was NOT the full refund. The money was short by 111.82 pesos. As of this writing, I have not received any explanation why I was not given the full PhP4799. I even deserve interest!

Lazada should also be paying penalty for breach of its obligation to deliver the printer when it accepted my payment. It seems to me that Lazada is notorious for not following through with its promise. Agent Bernadette-S promised (and it is in the transcript of our conversation emailed to me) that she will update me about my concern.

As of today, there's nothing. STILL UNRESOLVED!

Update by user May 19, 2018

Today is Saturday, May 19, 2018. I checked my ATM account today to see if I have my refund as promised last week.

I was charged PhP4799 for the Epson L120 printer. I did NOT get a full refund. The money Lazada gave back was 111.82 pesos short. I already reported the deficiency via customer care.

An account specialist was not available.

The agent who received my inquiry promised to "escalate my concern" and update me via email. I let the agent know that I expect nothing less than FULL REFUND after all the pain Lazada caused me.

Update by user May 10, 2018

Today is Thursday, May 10. I was informed by text and email that Lazada is finally giving me a full refund.

A call from them today also informed me that I can count 5 banking days from today and then check my new debit card balance. My next update will be next week when I should get my money back...finally.

Update by user May 04, 2018

NOT RESOLVED YET! Friday, May 4, 2018 Finally, a Lazada agent picked up through Live Chat.

After that conversation, I was emailed the transcript with the following update: "Upon thorough review of the order, we were able to confirm that your refund through none is now being processed by our Refunds Team.

This will be completed within 5-15 baning days banking days. You will also receive a separate email with the details of refund once it has been completed." (I quoted the email including the typing errors.) I am wondering why it is taking such a long time for the refund when it was paid for by debit card.

Update by user May 02, 2018

May 3, 2018 STILL UNRESOLVED My refund on order number 200313210548296 which I never received is still unresolved. This was an issue even before LAZADA's big birthday bash.

My issue has just celebrated a monthsary. Lazada has celebrated at my expense. You have my money but I did not get my order. I am demanding my refund of PhP4799, the price of the Epson L120 printer I paid by debit card.

I have been trying to reach you through Live Chat. The longest I waited was 22 minutes on April 30 and nobody picked up. Then I tried again on May 2. I stayed online waiting from 7:31a - 7:41a and then again on the same day at 8:06a - 8:24a.

In both times, nobody picked up. Today, May 3, I went online again from 7:42a to 7:56a.

Still, I was not able to reach anyone. Keep up, Lazada.

Update by user May 01, 2018

NOT RESOLVED! as of May 1, 2018

Update by user May 01, 2018

Today is May 1, 2018, 5:55p. Tomorrow is going to be exactly a month after I ordered and paid for an Epson L120 that remains undelivered and consequently for which a refund has been demanded.

I talked to Lazada's agents online on at least 6 different occasions. Yesterday, I tried Customer Care again to ask online for an update about my issue. I stayed on that webchat for exactly 22 minutes.

The "just a moment" message never changed despite my counting the minutes I waited, by texting them the minutes I have been waiting to keep the window active. Still waiting for this to be resolved.

Original review posted by user Apr 24, 2018

On April 2, 2018, I ordered an Epson L120 printer while in Manila but printer was for delivery in Carcar, Cebu. I paid for it right away with special instructions in the "Comments" section of the order for delivery to be made after April 10 because I will be in Carcar by then. The promised delivery date at the latest was April 12.

On April 4, an attempt was made to deliver. I talked to the delivery guy by celfone and told him that there were special instructions for it to be delivered after the 10th. He texted he understood and would note it down. The following day, April 5, 2:36p, Lazada emailed me with the following message:

"Dear ,

Our LELEXPRESS delivery associate took note of your wish to postpone the delivery of your Order #200313210548296."

But, while I was at a graduation and so my celfone was off on April 5, another delivery attempt was made.

On April 7, I accessed Lazada's customer care online and webchat with Rei-E. I told this rep the situation after which Lazada emailed with the following message:

"Hi ,

Thank you for contacting Lazada Philippines. You placed your order 200313210548296 on 2018-04-02.

EPSON L120 PRINTER is already scheduled for dispatch. You will get a notification once your order is out for delivery. You should receive your item by 2018-04-12."

When April 12 came and there was no delivery, I received another Lazada email with the following message:

"Case 10780809

Dear ,

We are very sorry to inform you that your item/s under order 200313210548296 has already been canceled due to failed delivery/system error. We truly understand your frustration regarding with this matter and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

The total time for the refund to be reflected in your account depends on your refund method and issuing bank. For credit and debit card and PayPal refunds are processed within 24hrs, in which posting in your account may take up to 5-45 banking days depending on your bank’s policy."

I thought I was going to get my refund after that email. When I did not get a refund I went online again. It went back and forth, back and forth for awhile. I really needed a printer so I let them follow-up from the delivery guys about the printer. Two reps told me they were going to personally handle my problem and update me. DID NOT HAPPEN. I gave them until April 22 to find the printer and schedule a delivery. Nothing happened.

On April 23, I told them to just give me my money back. The following is an excerpt from the webchat on why I am not getting a refund according to Lazada:

(09:55:55) Jefferson - C As per checking with the other cases of this concern, there was already an email confirmation that your order was indeed cancelled and I'm so sorry to hear this.

(09:56:06) Jefferson - C However, as per our system, the item is still Shipped.

(09:56:18) Jefferson - C That's the reason why your refund is still not processing.

I was told that when the item is returned to the merchant (Joyo) then status can be changed from shipped to something else so refund-processing can start.

I went online and asked help from Joyo on April 23 by filling up a form much like this one. I filled it up again yesterday when I did not get any reply.

On the last webchat, I expressed my fear that they lost the printer, so what then? I checked the status of my order, it is still "Shipped" which means I am the only one suffering a loss here.

Lazada, please resolve this issue ASAP.

For your reference...Ref numbers are from the emailed transcripts:

Lazada web chats about non-delivery of

order# 200313210548296, made on 04/02/2018, and paid for at time the order was made.

Item is an Epson L120 printer which I paid PhP4799 by debit card.

1)April 7, Rei-E ref:_00D7Fxllz._5007FH3IIK:ref

2)Aprint 10, Richard-S ref:_00D7Fxllz._5007FHbATJ:ref

3)April 12, Nar-S ref:_00D7Fxllz._5007FHPLlE:ref

4)April 19, RoseAnne-S ref:_00D7Fxllz._5007FI2UtE:ref

5)April 20, Alvin-S ref:_00D7Fxllz._5007FI3WwY:ref

6)April 23, Jefferson C ref:_00D7Fxllz._5007FI5dYV:ref

Other communication

Email on Thursday, 04-12-2018 ref:_00D7Fxllz._5007FH3IIK:ref

Subject: Case 10780809: Live Chat with

Lazada canceling the order


Unsatisfied-To-The-Max Customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Programmed answers, Lack of follow-through for promises made.

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I am the owner of the review.Today is April 30. I accessed for nth time Lazada's customer care.

In previous times, I get a Lazada rep. Today, I waited for exactly 22 minutes (10:48a - 11:10a) and nobody took the "Live Chat".As of yet, I have not received any update about my case.

I did not receive delivery of my item and so should have gotten my refund right away. If they have issues with their delivery, I have no part in it.Lazada, it is time that you return my money.

to MajesticGuineaPig #1472067

...issues with their delivery guys


I am the owner of the review. Today is April 28, almost a month after payment) and my issue is not resolved yet.

I am asking for refund for an item that is until today is NOT delivered. - MajesticGuineaPig.

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