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I had a very bad experienced bout ordering in lazada.... i ordered for imarflex cooling fan then the item arrived, it suppostedly delivered yesterday, due to a high flood the delivery guys cant go through so they decided just to deliver it today in a very dodgy way.. anyways...

these guys was so shady... they are just using a car like a personal car.. without knowing that they are from lazada.. not even wearing any uniform or id to identifies that they are lazada employee...

so when we about to ask the guy he said that I can't check the item thatI ordered, It's because it's Lazada policy not to check the short I just have to pay then they will leave without checking or testing the product I ordered with them.. which is bogus.. i dont really get it why am I paying them 6000k if i cant guarantee that the item that i ordered is working properly... I didnt take the item.. I dont want to gamble for the item that I dont know if will gonna work or not.. will definitely find a way how to report this very dodgy experienced with lazada...

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First, if it is a cash purchase, you really need to pay for it first before checking the item. I have been a Lazada customer for almost 5 years and whenever an item is not working or it has discrepancy, you just have to return it and they will replace it or give your money back.

THERE is a return policy. You should have checked that before buying the item.

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