I bought Lacoste Bag on sale 53% with the amount of P 2,340.00. When I received the I item I noticed it is a fake one to compare the bag at Lacoste Store.

I trusted Lazada because of their Guaranteed Logo that they sells 100% authentic. I hope that next time if the item is not orig please indicate or put a Class A. We understand it naman why that item is so cheap. I'm hoping that next time when I buy again I will not be receiving a fake item.

I appreciated naman the fast transactions that you had. Till next time.

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I search muna before availing lacoste bag in lazada. Kasi i doubt na how they can sell it half the price etc. thank you for sharing to spread awareness


For me lazada is good, we sell our infant formula milk thru lazada. Frisolac 1, Frisolac 2, Friso 3, Friso 4 and Frisomum. Very convenient to customers.


I ordered 2 perfumes from lazada, 2 weeks ago, the delivery was fast. Thanks.

Yesterday, i ordered 3 perfumes and sling bag newcoast. Hoping the bag is good quality, because its my gift to my husband.


I buy last week a Lacoste bag in the Lacoste store Davao . At home I saw the bag is a *** fake.

I report that to Lacoste which will coming to Philippines and they check to close this store. I hate fakes if I pay the full price!!!

Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines #1309357

just receive one Lacoste polo shirt, it is fake. if return, it will take longtime.. why NBI allow them to sell..everyday NBI go to 168 and 999 raid, why no news about LAZADA?


How about the lacoste polo shirt in lazada? Is it original?

Fernandez, Davao Del Norte, Philippines #1190726

Bought a Guess Bag in Lazada as well and to may dismay it's FAKE! never order to LAZADA again!!!


I want to cancel my order it's taking too long. I cant wait anymore. Its beyond the expected date.


I just bought a mango bag from lazada as well!, received it the other day. Im so upset when i saw the bag.

Im not an expert pero to me at first glance hindi na sya papasa as authentic. I also showed it to my friends and they believe its fake as well. Sana talaga Lazada would let the costumers know if its Original or class A. Kasi we deserve to know.

It doesnt matter if discounted pa yan or not.

Grabe i regret purchasing the item from them, i really wish i've read all the other people's comments here before i even ordered.

How can they even use Mango or Lacoste's name when its a fake. Hindi ako maka-get over.


Nakaka disappointed. its fake mango bag worth 1500.

Pra akong bumili sa divisoria. Magada sa picture, smahan pa ng "authentic" word. akala q trusted and proven ang lazada sa mga product nila. Now i know.

hndi q na mauulit mag order sa lazada. pra lng akong ngpahingi ng pera.

Wla tLgang matinong online shop.


Thank you for your comment. luckily i had read your comment.

i'm planning to buy but change my mind. thanks again it help a lot.


Hi im glad nagresearch pla muna ako after ko magplace ng order ko. After ko masearch yung reseller nila nakita ko na madaming negative review sa product/item nila.

After ko ito mabasa tinawagan ko agad customer service ng lazada to cancel my order.

Btw its lacoste din, thinking thats its authentic since un ung nakalagay sa site nila. ☺ thanks sa info


I bought mango bag in lazada and i think its fake too.


Yes their bags are not authentic.i bought nine west bag but obviously it looks fake.i hope that lazada should be honest if their item is not really original.


Lazada selling fake items upon delivery


Hahaha!! Dapat sa MALL nlng kayo bumili.

Nagpapaniwala kayo sa comment ng iba. Ano ba akala nyo sa Lacoste bag na binibenta sa mall? immortal ang buhay??! Puro galing sa Mall ang Lacoste tote bags na nabili at nagamit ko but mabilis din namn masira ang straps.

Baka di nyo alam mas dugyot pa ang stocks na binebenta sa mall kc puro stock display lang sila, pinapunasan ko pa ng basang tela last time kasi may black spots un napurchase ko. Shempre di nyo alam yon haha.

Mind you, if you really know how to spot a *** then I'm sure you've definitely seen one when you look at yourselves in the mirror. Filipinos with crab mentality are so funny.

to cutie Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines #996085

That's what u call social climbers. Mga pinoy maninira sa kapwa pinoy.

Di nmn marunong kumilatis ng Fake sa orig, kung mka compare e mashadong adelantada. Mag aral muna kayong certified authentisitist bago kayo mgreklamo para nmn di kayo nagmmukhang engot.

to cutie #1345916

Too harsh


I just got a lacoste bag yesterday and it is fake as well. Sadly I was not able to read this before I bought one


wahhhhhhh i just got the lacoste bag now. kaya pla gusto muna ng delivery boy na payment muna bgo ko buksan!!!!

& when i opened it, im not convinced na authentic nga !!! grrrr i want to return it!!!

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