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They delivered fake product and it just happened today, when we try to call the guy who delivered it, to get back our money, they say that they cant give it back to my husband, they need to call the company first, to make the story short, the manager call us and she said we need to do the process on the refund, my husband get really mad cause the money is just there and they don’t want to refund it, its just a couple hours when we try to return the product and refund our money, but the manager refuse about it, she insisted about the process thing, so its a lesson learned to us, DONT EVER SHOP ONLINE, NO REFUND AND YOU CANT CHECK THE PRODUCT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Simoniz Fix It Pro Sealcoat.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Bought a couple of motion detector security lights a while back from Lazada and they came with fake Ultrafire BRC 7800mah 18650 batteries. These fakes weighed only 27g each instead of 45g according to Ultrafire BRC data specs.

The tested capacity was 220mah and 163mah. Closer to dead than the 7800mah they claim. All you would have to do is go to the official Ultrafire web page the front page tells you there that they don't make 18650 batteries larger than 4000mah so anything above that is a fake.

Doesn't stop Lazada from selling hundreds of fake batteries to their customers tho does it. Lazada gladly ripping off their customers everyday.


Lot of fake products on Lazada. For example Ultrafire 18650 batteries.

Ultrafire does not make any 18650 battery above 4000mah but there are lots of sellers trying to dump 6800mah and higher batteries. They are selling used lap top batteries that have been stripped and rewrapped in China. The weights for these monster capacity batteries are less than legit 3000mah batteries. Bought a pair of fake LG 3000mah batteries from Lazada and they weighed 39g each, they are supposed to weigh 44g-46g each.

Capacity tested only 1261 and 1321mah instead of near or above 3000mah.

Near dead counterfeit batteries for sale on Lazada. Lazada does not seem to really care if their sellers are selling fake products, Don't have to be a expert to know that there are no 18650 batteries above 4000mah but Lazada continues to allow the sale of these fakes.


Hi, we apologize for what happened. We'd like to help you with your concern.

But first, we need to have your order number so that we can check it for you. We can also help you with your refund. Rest assured that we'll make sure to resolve your issue in no time. We are continuously working on making our services better.

Thus, we wont tolerate any untoward incidents to happen again. For more questions and updates, you may reach us via our Help Center page @

You may also reach us via our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, Youtube and Google+. Good day!


I order stuff online like Lazada all the time, most of it are tech stuffs like computer parts, etc. You could be aware sometimes that the seller may be fraud, it's best to see the reputation and review of the product first before purchasing that item.

But if we're talking about refund..yeah, if that's COD, it's best not to pay it if you got the wrong product. it's always best to open the package first before paying or feel the bag if it's the right item.

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