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Today is November 1, 2015. I wrote a 3 star review on another site back on Oct 18, 2015 titled “Foreign credit card billing address is a problem for Lazada". I went back and changed to 1 star. I originally gave 3 stars because I THOUGHT that their issue with processing USA credit cards would eventually be resolved. Well it now looks hopeless and I have spent an estimated 10 hours over a two week period trying to order one cell phone to prepare my partner in the Philippines for an important job. If I could find a competitor with the product I would use them for sure instead of Lazada. This has revealed how incompetent Lazada is at their business.

Since my Oct 18 post they have improved their system by adding a provision for foreign credit card addresses, but they forgot to include a field for Zip code, which most businesses know is required info for card processing. I find this humorous and very "third world" IT technology. Well, I found a work around their system error trying multiple credit cards and multiple transactions and finally got it processed by putting my "Zip" into the "City" field and bingo, my bank card approved it. Contacted my bank to make sure they approved and they said yes "waiting on Lazada" to approve on their end now. Now 10 hours go by, then I get an email from Lazada saying my order was cancelled. I have received six of these. Yes, this is identical cancellation #6 since Oct 18. Yes I am persistent... perhaps insane. I have completed 6 orders for a single cell phone and it's been cancelled 6 times. Each time I get the same COPY-PASTE reply from support saying I need to correct my address matching. Well I have tried 5 different credit cards now from 3 different banks, and my address given works fine all over the world, except at Lazada.

Dear Lazada supervisor: You guys have a serious problem. If you ever find this message, please review ticket #'s 2201613, 2200568, 2200557, 2193685, 2193655, 2145916, 2145892, 2143787 and see if you can figure out a way to stop the clerk that cancels my order. They must not understand how to interpret approved bank transactions. Just tell the clerk to accept my payment and hit the APPROVE button instead of the CANCEL ORDER button.

Tip for consumers: I have invested at least 10 hours trying to complete ONE silly order using various USA credit cards. Thats conservative, probably 20 hours... sadly. After your bank approves you will get a nice email saying "Your order has been received and is currently in verification process", but about 5-10 hours later you will get an email cancelling your order saying to try again with the exact same language. If you then submit a trouble ticket you will get the exact same message saying to try another method. Around and around you go.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Website shopping.

I didn't like: Inability to accept my money.

  • Unable To Process Credit Cards
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I had the same problem with USA credit cards. I tried again last week, and I was shocked, it went through with my AMEX card.

Then I tried to order a slightly larger order, a cell phone, and it was rejected. I tried 4 different credit cards. They keep saying "check with bank", but it gets rejected before it even goes to the bank. The bank never sees it.

"risk scanning declined the transaction". I've spent so many hours calling banks, Lazada, .. but nothing. Paypal in USA will not accept payments to the Philippines so thats not an option.

My solution: I tried to place the order with argomall.com and no problems at all. At first my credit card declined it, but after calling them, it was fixed.

I placed several orders and argomall promptly processed and sent the order. They received the authentic phone, perfect.


Ugh! Having the same problem in 2018!!!

Omg. So frustrating because it said on their help page under payments that they ACCEPT INTERNATION CARD PAYMENTS BUT NO WAY OF PUTTING A US ADDRESS ON THE BILLING INFO.



No change as of August 29, 2018. Now Lazada will only accept a Philippines Billing Address on a Credit Card, Making all US card rejected.

Even trying to pay through Paypal will NOT work. I hope Jeff Bezos buys them soon and remake the company (aka fired all the idiots).


I use my USA bank debit card on Lazada monthly over 14 months.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1356698
You are correct. There is a large problem that is causing Lazada to lose business.

I've been trying this morning to place an order unsuccessfully:( I think that we should ban together, and open a warehouse distributor in the Philippines that caters to expats sending goods to their relatives.

I think that we'd be successful. Lots of money to be made!
Leixlip, Kildare, Ireland #1273419

the worst thing when lazada has unsuccessful payment.. your card balance will still deducted the amount on that day, and the reverse will take 1 week or more to get your money back to use it,,... so frustrating...


it's so true. they don't accept paypals with foreign-issued cards. just take my money i don't want to go thru the effort of opening a bank account or using other services to reroute my money.


Why don't you use Paypal or COD?


Thank you for confirming that I am not the only one going crazy over this.


Same thing happened here.They cancelled my order and "i dont know the reason".

I used foreign credit card but i think they only accept local credit card issued. Well, i supposed to order 40k pesos worth of products but it seems that u guys dont like it.

I dont wanna use the cash on delivery because i want to surprise my mom in the philippines while im here abroad.Anyway, just improve ur system so that u can serve us here too abroad ☺☺


Dear Lazada,

You have a lost a good customer with future large item buying potential in my business. I have opted to make my PHP10,000 purchase elsewhere as it is unfortunately impossible for you to process my credit card transactions and you have no other options available to me.

After 3 weeks of work with you attempting my first transaction you have still failed.

I did everything in my power to help you including contacting your Singapore office to help you figure it out. Best of luck becoming the Amazon of Asia that you seek.


Dear Lazada,

Thank you for being honest and transparent with my concern. It is sad that we have to use this forum to communicate and I cannot have this type conversation with your support directly via email.

All I get from Lazada support for two weeks is a generic email with no solutions. So I would be willing to use COD, however your system says that COD is not available in the address I need to ship to, so no option there. Do you not find that there is a problem with your system when a customer such as me has tried 6 times using 5 different credit cards coming from 3 different banks (Chase, Capital One, American Express) and they all are approved on my end but somewhere in your Lazada system, the orders are cancelled? This issue is out of my control and under your control.

My banks have approved all of them. You say bank to bank... my bank approves, yours doesn't. What more can I do?

Your system is broken. Do you not have a solution for me?


I'm a customer too of Lazada.It happend to me too many times but I tried to do some move to solve it.Since they cannot call us to verify because it is long distance,it is me who will called them to verify to them that it is real me ,the owner of the credit card who buy the item.


Hi. We would like to be honest and transparent as much as we can with your concern.

We have doubled check everything and can say that your transactions didn't pass our security check. With this, again, we suggest that all your orders will go through provided that it will be paid via Cash on Delivery. And oh, by the way, we at Lazada are not the ones who are coordinating your payments when you use Credit Cards, but it will be bank to bank.

We hope this will resolve your concern as we suggest that all orders will be processed on Cash on Delivery. Good day!

to LazadaPH #1408061

Very unprofessional response!

Not even an apology for the inconvenience! SMH

to LazadaPH #1653158

That is not good enough answer. You need to solve the problem.

To many customers are helping you out with system problems and you have a poor excuse of not solving it. Your company will not last long.

.... how unfortunate


Hello again Lazada,

It is now Nov 2, and the charge for my Lazada order on Oct 31 is still "pending status" on my Chase account. You cancelled my order on Nov 1 stating that you were "unable to process my payment".

I called Chase just now on Nov 2 and had them review the pending transaction. They informed that there was no address mismatch issue and that the charge was still available for Lazada to accept the payment, should they so choose. Chase also review the detail notes and there is no attempt by Lazada to call them to verify anything, no contact attempt or notes from Lazada. It has been confirmed now with a second call that there is no address mismatching issue with my transaction.

This is the 6th failure of Lazada to process my transaction. Lazada, your system is broken.


Hello Lazada,

Your response is an excellent illustration of Lazada's problem. The same as the six previous responses that I get from Lazada tech support, so just like them, you are not reading the content of my message.

Did you not understand that I have had conversations with my Chase Bank, a world wide bank, and they have told me on each occasion that they had approved the transactions and are waiting on Lazada to approve. Can you not see that you have a problem.

I have no address mis-matching issues because this match works all over the world for me except at Lazada. Are you reading and hearing this or are you giving copy-paste responses, like your customer support does?


Thanks for taking our call. As mentioned, your orders didn't push through since your billing name as well as your billing address are not connected or are not the same with that of your credit card.

We suggest that you may just use Cash on Delivery for your next transactions for it to be processed. Please let us know if there's another concern, then we'll be glad to assist you.

to LazadaPH #1653161

Why always cash on delivery..... fix your system..,,

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