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Good day,

I've found out some charges on my credit card account that I never made. There were several of them having significant large amounts.

My financial institution advised me to contact the merchant and dispute all of the charges unfortunately there is no contact number provided to reach these people. I need to use my card for other business needs and due to the charges that went in through your company, my hands are tied and I am not capable of doing so. This is really frustrating to hear that it would take a while for your company to reverse back the amount you took from my credit card account that I never authorized.

I want you guys to reverse back the charges that you took from my account and I would like to hear an explanation why such fraudulent transaction would be made possible without the card holder being notified .

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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ganyan din po nangyare sakin. 11,000 pesos ang nawala.

wala naman akong binili or enorder sa LAZADA. ang mahirap pa ay nasa ibang bansa ako. so paano ko to maasikaso. paano ko sila macontact para mabalik yong pera.

nakakapanghina ng loob.

bakit nangyare to. LAZADA paki ayos naman po to.

to ms.ej #1647605
Hi..same thing happened to my mom, last friday lang... And what's really unfortunate is that the bank will not reverse the charge :(

Same experience just last monday, January 7, transaction posted on my credit card account amounting 72,785! Where the *** can I get that money to compensate the purchase I didn’t even know who made.

Kailangan ko pa ata ibenta kidney ko para makaipon ng ganun kalaking pera. I already emailed the bank and 120 days pa yung investigation. Sana naman maaksyunan agad LAZADA! Isa pa, wala kayong Customer service email man lang.

Tried to call sa hotline wala naman yung choice ng conplains. Hayyyyy




recently, my mom had to go the same ordeal. 3 different transactions were made against her credit card she had in her possession obviously.

she has sent them an email and have received a response asking for a screenshot of the bank statement where it reflects purchases were made. she has also told the bank BDO about this and was told they will carry out an investigation that would normally take up two months for any refunds to be made which is disgusting. the purchase was done on the 9th of May, as per their website, if its non manila which is the case, they will deliver within 5 to 12 days.

so having said this, they can track this fraudulent activity if they want and catch the culprit red handed instead of delaying it, for the person to get the items which the actual card owner suffers. but my name concern is the fact that as per their website, after an online purchase, they are meant to carry out a verification procedure which I would assume would be through a telephone call, how could this one get through except if the actual culprit knows personal details that only the card holder would know.


I Have the same issue. they are accepting fraud transaction and even protecting the scammer.

they wont even gave you the details made to your card.

from the moment that they gave a different billing address and different name that could've alerted you and stop the transaction. all you care about is money!


I have the same issue. Even when I called they said they could not help me. How could I have an order number for an order I did not place?


Hi, we understand your situation. May we ask if there were any ticket or order number for this concern so that we can review it?

We'd like to hear from you directly.

If you do not have an Order Number we can try to look up the transaction using your name. Call us directly at (02)7958900

to LazadaPH #1441549

Jusko Lazada!! apat na buwan na ung na fraud transaction sa amount ako until now wala kayong refund!!?!? wala din kayong mabigay na details kung nasan na ang proseso niyo!


Hi, we understand your situation. May we ask if there were any ticket or order number for this concern so that we can review it?

We'd like to hear from you again. Thanks!

to LazadaPH #1401327

How will we give the transactions using our name if it wasnt us who madde the transaction in the first place. Do you get what we are tying to tell you?????

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