I also have a rough time with lazada. I ordered an item(sony experia z1) on dec12 ,2013 and within 5 days the order status still on process and i called the next days and they sent me a letter to send all the requirements for verification process.

after few days its still on process and they say it is ready to send, after calling them almost everyday the item was ship on dec.24 2013. The only thing that frustrates me is that the item was supposed to have a freebies like wireless speaker and experia matte casing but the only thing that came through is the unit it self no freebies. they should update their site, now they still have the freebies on the pictures. That was the only reason i bought from lazada because of the freebies since the unit it self is a bit expensive and i thought it was worth with all the freebies.

conclusion: the customer rep is very respectful and comfortable to talk but its very hard to reach their line and im using my cellphone to call them and it gives me a large bill at the end of the month.

I should have just bought from the cellphone shop and got the unit right away expecting that there are no freebies around. dont be hopeful with all their gimmicks its not worth it.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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We are from Lazada Philippines and I am sorry to hear about your concern. We would be happy to help if you can provide us your Order Number or Ticket Number. You can also call us at our hotline at 02 -795 8900 or send us information on your concern via our contact us page at: http://www.lazada.com.ph/contact/

Thank you.


Duh. Y'all should realize that ordering during the Christmas season will really make for delivery hiccups.

to ***plz #773183

And by the way, I'm NOT a LAZADA rep. Just a random review-seeker who saw these facepalm reviews.

I'd find these more believable as a caveat emptor IF y'all didn't order during the Christmas season.

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