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I just learned that starting July 24, Lazada already charges delivery fee for EVERYTHING that your order. No more such thing as FREE DELIVERY.

And the reason given me by the call agent is that it was due to system upgrade. WHAT??? What does system upgrade have to do with delivery charges? I guess Lazada has become confident that because their business has grown in the country, they can now pass on the delivery fee to their customers.

Talk about customer service and appreciation.

And compare this to Amazon which until now still offers free delivery on most items. Haay, goodbye Lazada.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Damn lazada i was emailed today (dec 23 2018) that my item will be out for delivery soon or for the next 24 hours and then when i tracked my order estimated delivery will be jan 3-7 2019.

Items/products in my cart = 1900+ (2k) Shipping fee = 800+ (900) Total cost = almost 3k. If i was deceived, then i could have bought the items and the SHIPPING FEE.

The discounted price pays for the shipping fee. Same thing goes if you buy from physical stores.

(Ofcourse, in addition of the effort) but still. Not worth it.


This is clearly a system downgrade for the customers.


Mas okay na sa shoppee, mas mura pa items


nagulat nga din aku kanina 1k up order ku laki ng fee charge sa ship haha kaya bawas order muna


Same here Shipping Fee is same as the price of the items I purchased, the GREAT INCREASE will a hit a DECREASE IN a customer before but for now Id rather go to the mall...goodBYE LAZADA,


Hi Sir/Ma'am. We appreciate that you reached out to us and given us this feedback.

I understand your sentiments about the changes in our shipping fee policy. Please be advised that with the new shipping fee policy, shipping fee charges are no longer included in the prices of the items. This means that our sellers can now offer you a wider variety of items at lower prices. You can now shop and find different items in Lazada at a cheaper price!

You can also enjoy cheaper costs in your orders when you buy more items from the same seller as you'll get the chance to avail of free shipping or shipping fee discounts. Thank you.

to LazadaPH #1532920

even items like 3000 pesos still charge 1000 pesos shipping fee, I'd rather go to mall

to LazadaPH #1540815

What if I only want to buy a single item from that certain seller because that's the only thing I need and not buy the other stuff they sell just to have a discount or even maybe atleast lower the shipping fee of 1000pesos average. Do you think that logic is even good lazada?

I know you're losing lots of customers because of this new shipping policy. I'll still still happily order from you again Lazada if you change your new shipping policy to the old one.

to LazadaPH #1556422

Hindi namin kailangan yung "wider variety" na sinasabi nyo. Kahit naman mas marami silang choice ng pag benta, walang gugusto na magbayad ng 1000 *** peso ship fee

to LazadaPH #1610706

But our orders come from different sellers/merchants. Thus, different and way higher fees are included in our cart.

Your items/products are deceiving the consumers/customers.

Please work out another way of computing shipping fee charges. Thank you

to LazadaPH #1638240

That does not happen.. The more the better..

Big no... The more you buy even with the same seller, even with light weight materials, the shipping fee doubles... I dont know why you even changed your policy in the first place.

Believe me... You are losing customers...

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