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Beware, ALL of the recent complaints that state something to the effect that "I have no money, please cancel my order" are placed by Lazada employees. I know this employee and she has told me.

It is Lazada's way of pushing the REAL complaints down the list. There are almost 6oo complaints now, most detail how lazada products are very inexpensive because they are either fake, or you receive a different product. They NEVER refund your money under any circumstances. They NEVER post negative reviews of merchants unless they approve the review, which is maybe 10% of the time.

They also use your credit card numbers for unauthorized charges. First read ALL the complaints at this site. Basically, pay by COD or bank deposit, and you lose your money, and pay by credit card and they will steal your credit card number.

your choice.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Hi there, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have taken note on your report and we'll further investigate this matter and take appropriate action if necessary. Again, thank you.


You can not put negative comments on their facebook. Its really hard to request a refund from Lazada.

Take it from my experience, I would rather shop elsewhere than to wait, call and complain. Honestly, I was an avid lazada customer.

As in everyday, I would open their website and check what "deals" do they have for the day. But after that refund incident, I just lost the trust and love I have for this company.

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