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The online market is borderless, making shopping as easy as clicking a mouse button. The faceless and borderless nature of online shopping can sometimes present obstacles if not so good things happen to your purchase.

That's why it was hard for me to decide at first whether I will shop online or just remain on the traditional front of shopping. Before I went shopping, I asked around and I was told that Lazada Ph backs their products with a return guarantee. That means you can return the item if it turns out that you got a defective one. That is very important for me to know because I wouldn't feel confident in my online shopping if I don't know how a company is going to take care of the item if shows up defective on my doorstep.

However, that scenario of getting a defective item didn't happen to me. It was a different situation altogether but I still ended up making a complaint. Here's what happened: When that was settled, I decided to go online and pick a camera up. I wanted a Canon EOS 550D kit 18 MP DSLR w 18-55mm lens which was on the hot deals list.

So I placed my order and proceeded to check out after reviewing the order details up to three times just to make sure that I am getting the correct item that I want. The delivery took 2-5 business days just like what Lazada promised. After cracking the box open, I immediately examined the item. Everything seems to be fine until I noticed the model number.

Right there in-front of me it says EOS 1100D. The camera was working fine when I tested it, I snapped a couple of shots here and there but the thing was it wasn't what I originally ordered. I didn't ask for a Canon EOS 1100D. What I wanted was an EOS 550D.

I obviously got the wrong item. It was probably because they look almost identical. I never wasted time and immediately called customer service. They asked me to follow the return procedures and return the item which I did to the letter.

It was quickly resolved because the Lazada verification team was able to quickly validate through their system that I indeed purchased a Canon EOS 550D and not an EOS 1100D. I was amazed that the resolution turnaround time only took less than two weeks including the shipping.

Great job Lazada for your quick and speedy response! I appreciate it a lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Delivery Service.

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My friend bought me an iPhone 4s from Lazada previous Saturday. It's suppose to be delivered by today but there's still none.

So I called Lazada in Manila (Im in Cebu) only to be told that my friend needs to send documentations of his credit card and ID. I do understand this policy as airlines do that, but prior to charging or accepting card payments, a declaration is being made to this effect. Lazada does not have that. I asked why we were not told of this, the customer service said an email will be sent to us.

What?! After ten days of waiting all we get is an email? And until now there's no email. We will never know this if I didn't call.

Not only that we were left in the dark as to what happened to our order, I am also suspected of fraud! Wait, Lazada did not contact us, Lazada already got our money for ten days without telling us of the needed documentation, they don't have a manager to speak with at their customer service, they have not returned my email inquiries... Who is fraud now? And for ten days, if the order is indeed a fraud, the bank would have called them by now and the owner of the credit card filing a complaint.

I demand that Lazada ship my phone immediately without delay. They cannot compel us for a policy they never declared in the first place, and they already have our money for ten days and counting! The customer service suggested that I refund the purchase.

I wanted to but that would take several transactions again to get the money back plus surcharges from the bank, not to mention interests. No, I will have my iPhone 4s which we have already paid with our money, money that is now earning interests for Lazada without delivering the product, and this shameful post is for Lazada to have for that "bogus" method of getting our money!

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