Anyone who knows me can attest to how obsessed I am with cooking. I am a self-confessed chef wannabe. I've seen all the Iron Chef and *** Kitchen episodes. Heck, I have seen all big time cooking shows. I swear that if it weren't for my parents being both engineers, I wouldn't even be seen close to a T-square. But what's done is done and now I have to figure out how to graduate on time alongside my other engineering batch mates. My love for food is sometimes questioned because of how thin I am but that gift runs in the family. I rarely gain weight and when I do, only my cheeks can be proof of it. I seldom cook for other people besides my family and boyfriend. I like to think of the food I cook as a privilege. That thought keeps me thinking I have what it takes to cook for a living in the future. I know it sounds kookoo that I'm working my *** of now only to pursue a totally different field of expertise. But one can only argue up to a certain point with her heart and brain.

My parents now both live in Singapore where my dad works for a seabed company and my mom as a housewife. They entrusted me with the responsibility of raising myself apart from them for almost four years now. I have my own condo here in Taguig and I drive to school everyday. As for leisure, I spend most of my time in the kitchen experimenting different dishes. Since I chill in the kitchen almost everyday, I invested on my kitchenware. Recently, I bought a deep roasting pan and wine rack for display perfect for Christmas. I got it from an online shopping mall named Lazada Philippines. They delivery in metro manila for free and almost all of their nice items are on discounts. I sort of had an unfortunate experience with my delivery because the rack I ordered wasn't what I envisioned it to be. I even double-checked the measurements of both my tabletop and the rack before I purchased it. It was too wide at the bottom and just by looking at the package, it was noticeable that was just too big for my counter. I had to get it replaced so I sent it back following what the woman from customer service told me. I filled out a return form and in less than a week, I got the substitute. It was a good thing I didn't open it before I sent it back because according to their return policies available on their site, they have a strict unopened with seal policy for incorrect shipments. All the wines that I use for my dishes are now neatly stacked on the rack with little Belen figurines on top of it to mash it with the other Christmas decors around the house. I'm more psyched to set up for Christmas now more than ever. I just know this year's going to be a merry Christmas indeed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Delivery Service.

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