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Update by user Mar 19, 2015

March 18, around 6pm I received a call from Lazada Manager, asking me about this concern. I'm just glad that someone has made the effort to check on my concern (although it's already resolved).

Lazada manager also promised me a P1000 voucher for all the trouble and he sounds sincere. I will try to give Lazada Ph another chance. I'm keeping my hopes high that Lazada PH's customer service and returns department would have more coordination / communication. If after sales customer service would improve I'd gladly shop again at Lazada PH.

Thank you Mr. Lazada Manager.

Update by user Mar 17, 2015

I'm pretty sure Lazada PH won't issue me the refund after three declined request. So I called the DTI and waited for few weeks.

March 4th (wednesday) I received an email from DTI summoning Lazada manager a notice of mediation. Later that day, Lazada CS Supervisor called me and again asked me about details of the refund (funny thing is, for around 45 days i have been calling Lazada PH and telling my concern over and over again. CS Supervisor told me that their "system is not updated" and didn't know about my concern. Wow, for the first time Lazada PH supervisor is calling me!)

March 7th (saturday) I received an email from Lazada Accounting office that they will issue me the refund.

The money was refunded around March 13th (friday).

To sum this up, it took around 45 days to refund your money. I have been calling Lazada everyday except sunday and around 2 weeks so that wound be around 30days. I call them average 2x a day, spend 15mins average.

I wasted 15 hours (900 minutes) - I should have drove to Gilmore and pay the parking and buy the Slim portable drive I needed, instead of wasting my time and effort (with stress and frustration) with Lazada PH. Anyway, thanks for the refund.

Also, a heartfelt thank you to DTI-Fair Trade and Bureau office to Mr. Joel Buag for handling my case.

More power to the DTI Office! Guys, If you have problems with Lazada PH, call / file DTI complaint - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Update by user Feb 25, 2015

Before I forget, they returned me the item opened and they did not give back my receipt for warranty. Good job Returns Department of Lazada PH!

Update by user Feb 25, 2015

They tried to "resolve this issue" this issue by returning me the wrong item... I'm not sure how retarded the Returns Department are but I think I had enough.

P6,700 is just money I can always save and earn back that amount but the TRUST that I had with Lazada PH - It can not be earned back. Time, effort and money wasted shopping online with Lazada PH!

Original review posted by user Feb 19, 2015

Please do not believe in Lazada Philipines return policy programs. They are false advertisement that preys on unaware customers.

Feb 2, 2015 I placed an order - 3TB Seagate HARD DRIVE. The picture online showed a 3TB SLIM DRIVE. I read the description carefully because I'm looking for a SLIM DRIVE and not a DESK DRIVE. Feb 4 when my item - Seagate 3TB arrived. When I opened the package it was a SEAGATE 3TB DESK DRIVE. I immediately shipped back my item thru LBC and it took a week more for them to confirm that my item in in the warehouse. When you check LBC online tracking tool, it indicated that the item arrived a day after I shipped it, thus, delaying the whole process for refund.

Feb 13th, I gave them two days to evaluate my item. It passed their "QC" control BUT they won't issue a refund because the item looks correct. I strongly argued with them about this issue because I have the screenshot of the item before I purchased it. and It was different when I checked it on Feb4 2015. THEY REPLACED THE WRONG PICTURE AND MADE IT RIGHT. It's ok with me if they acknowledge this problem and immediately ISSUE ME A REFUND. BUT THEY WON'T.

Feb 16th, THEY WON'T Issue me a refund. I have gathered more evidence that the item existed in their database. They won't listen to me.

Feb 17th, I called the merchant who sold the Seagate Hard Drive. After explaining my concern, the MERCHANT IS HAPPY TO GIVE ME A REFUND. They are aware of Lazada's Buyer's Protection program and "100% satisfaction" guarantee program - YOU CAN RETURN ITEM - WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED within 7-14 days period of return.

The merchant is also not aware of the return item. Lazada DIDNOT CALLED THEM regarding my concern. Clearly LAZADA CUSTOMER SERVICE is NOT taking any efforts to resolve this issue.

I called Lazada Phil to inform them that I have already talked to the merchant and they are willing to process me the refund.

Feb 18th, They still won't issue me the refund.

Feb 19th, Same thing. Still won't issue me a refund.

We have our consumer rights and to return an item within 7-days period WE ARE ENTITLED TO REFUND or REPLACE THE ITEM.

What the *** IS GOING on to the RETURNS DEPARTMENT of LAZADA. IAM CALLING OUT TO MS. JOSEPHINE, HEAD OF LAZADA DEPARTMENT. Please resign. I have evidence and I am clear on my explanation with why I am returning the item. Are they BLIND?! I even provided a screenshot to make it clear to them.

It's easy to get money from people but when problems arise, they won't take the effort to resolve your problem. GOOD JOB on RETURNS DEPT and CUSTOMER SERVICE LAZADA! COMPLETE FAILURE!

I call them everyday since Feb 5, 2015. I find this stressful and time consuming. DEFINATELY, not worth the item you paid for!




I hope someone people would form a community and file a complaint against LAZADA PHIL - unethical, unfair and deceptive company.

ORD# 309572438

LBC# 181209656602




Monetary Loss: $134.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Service, Unfair, Wont issue a refund, False advertising, Give false information, Poor customer service, Inconsistent delivery.

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Ano po ba yung ilalagay sa column na : details of return. sa return form?


I had the same problem! The thing with Lazada is that it is ALWAYS the customers' fault even if they are completely in the wrong.

Good thing you had a screenshot. The first time I had a problem with them, I never took a screenshot.

So I had to live with the wrong item that they gave me. Lazada sucks!

to kuroneko #991067

Maybe you can still get the right item through their ads? Or maybe call DTI and ask what can you do about this problem.

I hope your order is not very expensive.. But still..

anyway, just give it a shot, who knows they may exchange you with the right item. =)

Tagbilaran, Tagbilaran, Philippines #959595

I had almost similar case. I was promised a refund but when I returned the item they emailed me again saying they can't give me a refund anymore!

This kind of business won't last and shouldn't last! It's great that you were given a refund now. I hope someone will bother to take a look at my case too. This is really time consuming!

I've had this problem since January.

I went back and forth in LBC to return the item. Unbelievable!

to Jo2015_496 Pasig, Manila, Philippines #959739

Try to call DTI-Cebu? I heard it just took a day for someone in Cebu and DTI already made a move on Lazada Ph.

Yes, i'm keeping my fingers crossed on the refund as Lazada PH is very tricky one (replaced wrong photos, turn blindly on my evidence screenshots.. and delaying tactics ) so I did not update this complaint asap.

You may email me at moodswings85@yahoo.com. I'm very eager to help other people too.


Hello, moodswings. As per checking, we have already refunded the payment you made for Seagate Back Up Plus STDT3000 3TB Hard Disk Drive amounting to P6700.00.

The said refund was deposited to your Metrobank account under ACCOUNT NAME : JOANNA NG GO / OLIVER GO last Mar 6, 2015 6:17:21 PM.

We will be sending a separate email regarding this within the day. Thank you!

to LazadaPH Pasig, Manila, Philippines #959746

Thank you, I received refund. I just wish this was refunded earlier and not to turn blindly on my concern so that I will still patronize your company.

Please also tell MISS JOSEPHINE TANDUGON Head of the Refunds Department that she should investigate the returned items properly before declining it. I had a printed letter with the screenshot of the error sent together with the item explaining my concern.

Everytime my concern has been declined, I had more screenshot and evidence sent to you. She has been working with Lazada Ph for around 6years - my god, so incompetent!

Mandaluyong City, Manila, Philippines #953748

Lazada sucks!

to aj #1446452

Lazada.ph was so miserable i order my items one waiting and told me it was delivered with other client now this item is not available so my printing shop was affected . THE DELAY CAUSED ME stress

to Anonymous #1446453

One month waiting and no photo printing beacause of un sent photo paper cutter worth 2182.75 only printer they sent .

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