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I shop at Lazada Philippines just because they do not keep me waiting forever for the items I ordered. They got free shipping available. They got the fastest time frames out there like two to five business days something like that which is totally awesome in my opinion because a lot of online shopping websites out there rolls with the standard 7 to 10 business days shipping time frame. I am a stickler when it comes to product shipping turnaround time and that makes a lot of sense right? Because who wants to wait for an item forever.

My first experience was when I ordered a Krups Coffee maker for my mom's birthday. It was a risk ordering something online especially if it is supposed to be for a birthday present because of the time constraint. If it is going to be shipped out there's always the risk that the item might not arrive on time and I was like planning for it to be a surprise for my mom. She loves drinking coffee particularly the brewed variety and she has been brewing her daily cup of joe on a cheap 400 peso plastic coffee maker which I also bought for her. I just picked it up off the appliances section at a popular department store and it has been a while so I thought it's high time to make the upgrade for her. It is also timely because it was her 60th birthday this year so something really special is in order. I ordered the coffee maker like a week before my mom's birthday. I was worried at that time because it was the first transaction I am making with Lazada and I wasn't so sure if they can fulfil it on time. Nevertheless I went for it. I just trusted the reviews I came across with on the internet because I don't know anyone that I can speak with personally who have had an experience with Lazada before so I just trusted my instincts. True enough Lazada didn't fail me. It even arrived ahead of time. I was expecting that I'll get it on the 5th day of the 3-5 business days timeframe but I got it exactly on the third day and that was in the morning. I was like oh boy that was really fast. I still got ample time to grab a nice gift wrapper to cover the box up. I think what helped Lazada Philippines in making fast deliveries is their partnership with a very reputable shipping company and that's LBC. I am no stranger to LBC's reliable shipping services because I have been using their service for quite a while now for my other online transactions in online marketplaces like sulit.com where I have to personally go over to an LBC branch to have the items I am selling to get shipped to the buyer.

I honestly never had any trouble or complaints about the service. The items are always received on item and they never lost not even a single one of my items. Huge props to Lazada Philippines for getting a reliable courier partner in LBC Philippines and not cutting corners on this part of the business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Shipping Service.

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