I was never a fan of French fries but for some reason my parents decided to franchise their own Potato Corner. My sister and I actually suggested they take part in the siomai business that Filipinos are fonder of.

We mentioned that the market of those who buy French fries are a lot smaller because based from experience, that sort of business only fusions in areas with students. They said that siomai stalls nowadays offer pork which our religion is against. We're all Seventh Day Adventists which means we don't eat anything pork and Friday nights require us to stay home and praise until sunset the next day. Both my parents are retired and with me and my older sister working and living in our own places, it was natural for them to look for other means of keeping themselves busy.

It has been more than six years now since my sister and I last lived together with our parents. It's actually a bit shameful that we didn't think of getting our parents the franchise ourselves.

My sister and I decided to get them something to serve as our congratulatory gift. Coincidentally, our parents mentioned that they were planning to buy a freezer.

We decided to get that one for our parents instead so we told them to hold their orders if ever they have already made one. Since my schedule with my sister isn't in sync with mine, we didn't have time to meet up and shop together. Our parents were going to set up everything in a few days so it was crucial that we find the perfect freezer for them already. I looked for online shops and came across Lazada.

I looked at their Home Appliance section and saw a lot of my sister and I could choose from. It was actually the perfect setup for my sister and I because the item could be delivered to wherever we wanted for free. I messaged my sister and told her to go online so we could check it out together. I ended up liking an upright freezer by Union while my sister insisted that we get a chest type or a top-open door freezer.

I reasoned out how an upright freezer would consume less space but she said it would be smarter to invest on something that could store more items. It was actually a no brainer that we would both end up getting what she liked because she's older. And yes, she made more sense. What was actually even better about the chest type freezer my sister liked was it was 15% off and it could be paid in 3 monthly installments using a BDO credit card.

The freezer also had a lock which was essential considering my parents would leave it unattended during closing hours.

It was shipped to us less than a week from the day of our purchase. It was delivered to the location of our parents' Potato Corner franchise and I have to be honest, I was relieved we opted to get the top-open freezer instead of what I initially wanted to get.

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