I just got a new place all to myself and since then, I have been trying to find the perfect furniture to go with my Victorian inspired theme. So far, I have managed to buy a princess bed with matching drapes hanging from the top marble-like poles from all four sides, royal purple satin bed sheets, flat screen television that I forced my mom to give me, a two-range electric stove that I'm planning to paint to go with my theme and refrigerator. It's not much but given how rarely I spend time at home because of my job requiring me to go out of town so often, it really hasn't bothered me as much as it's supposed to. It was only this week that I noticed how bare my 1-bedroom condo unit is.

I was looking at online stores selling anything that would catch my eye. While I looked through websites, an ad by Lazada Philippines would keep appearing and it was just a matter of time until I would get so annoyed with and actually check it out. It has a lot of product choices to choose from which made me wonder how come I've never heard of it before. I made some background check and saw how established it is already in other parts of Asia and how three well-known brothers own it. From there, I looked through each category hoping to come across anything that would contribute something to my already bland space. They had so many items up on sale and promos that it literally devoured me and ate most of my afternoon. It was then that I saw an espresso maker that looked so professional, I just had to have it. Yes, it's not essential but having to wake up at 5 sometimes at 4 in the morning requires a lot of caffeine in me. It wouldn't hurt to spend on the one thing helping me maintain my job. Besides, it wasn't as if I had to pay it all in one sitting. It was on a BDO promo where I could pay it in 3 monthly installments with 0% interest. Lazada, the website where I saw the espresso maker, apparently has a continuing promo with BDO and MasterCard. Each has different terms but generally, it makes credit card holders want to get their swipe cards out for a quick purchase. I have to say it's a pretty effective strategy considering they got me to buy. I was not familiar with how their transactions work before I ordered but it's not hard once you get a hang of it. It's as simple as signing up on Facebook or Twitter. The interface is very easy to access and manipulate with almost everything you might question or need available on the homepage. For those who are looking for steals, Lazada is definitely the online stop shop for you. Unlike sites that make it a miracle for someone to spot the cheap thrills, Lazada openly flashes to your face the items worth buying and saving up for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Website.

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