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I ordered online and the app showed an option for next-day delivery so I availed of it for the price of P29. The delivery of the item was delayed but the courier still asked for P29 from our househelp who received the item for me (since I was not home that time).

Then the delivery guy asked for another P20 without stating the reason. Our helper asked what the P20 was for but the delivery guy did not answer his question. Instead, he crassly told our helper that everything is written on the receipt inside the package and insisted that our helper pay the P20 for him to receive the item. Obviously, our helper wouldn’t open the package since it was addressed to me, so he just paid the P20 and waited until I got home to check the receipt inside.

BUT THERE WAS NO RECEIPT! NO EXPLANATION ON THE P29 + P20 THAT THE COURIER EXTORTED FROM OUR HELPER. I reported it via live chat and they just said that they cannot refund it, instead, they gave me a voucher worth P50. So is Lazada tolerating extortion now?

and “compensating” poor victims with vouchers so they can earn even more from them?! I had several email exchanges with their Live Chat agent who kept insisting that the voucher should settle it all. So it looks like my concern will never be resolved. If Lazada cannot guarantee next-day delivery, they should stop offering that option in their app.

Also, I learned from someone that there’s a cut-off for rush shipment, but if you availed of it after the cutoff, they will still charge you for it since you technically “availed” of the service. NOTHING about the cutoff is written anywhere on their app, which I think is deliberately deceiving customers. P49 is not a big amount - they can have it if they want it. But what’s troubling me is how lightly they take issues such as this.

Even if it’s the courier’s doing, Lazada should still be responsible for it since they are the company that we are purchasing from. How can you run a business and point-fingers when issues like this arise, ultimately leaving your poor clients hanging. Through this site alone, I’ve seen several unresolved complaints like mine. Non-issuance of truthful receipts is also against BIR section 264 of the National Internal Revenue Code of the Philippines.

Online stores, especially those who charge for VAT, are not exempt from this. I told them about this and it doesn’t seem to shake them. I even asked the Live Chat agent for a receipt, but I did not get any. Lazada, just because you don’t physically face your clients, do you think you are above the law???

Do you think your vouchers are above the law?? :( You’re ruining your own name with how poor your aftersales service is, treating a voucher like it’s the answer to everything.

:( Do your business honestly and responsibly. That’s the only thing that’s gonna do all of us well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Next Day Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Hi. We truly apologize for what happened.

May we ask for the order number that corresponds to your concern so that we can escalate the incident and have it investigated. Rest assured that we'll resolve your issue in no time. We are continuously working on making our services better. Thus, we wont tolerate any untoward incidents to happen again.

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