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I will cancel my order because i dont have some money to pay my order and i have some problem about my family.

Cause my husband dont have enough salary.

And we have four kids attending in the school.

We have to pay water and some fares for my childrens thats why i cancel my order. Cause we cant afford to pay my order. And then my husband scolded me why i have to order some tablets.And for our everyday we spend money to buy some food.

And I hope you will understand my situations.


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Hi, cancelling an order is fast and easy with our online cancellation form. Just need to log in to your account, go to "My Orders" screen then click the item you want to cancel and follow the online instructions.

Just be reminded that your status will be updated within 60 mins. If this won't work, you may post your order number here.

Alternatively, you may send us an email request through this link or call us at (02) 795-8900 for further assistance. Thank you!

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