I think I am going to faint. I couldn't believe what I just experienced. I just got off the phone with a customer care representative from Lazada PH it was simply mind blowing and I mean that in a positive way. It came out of nowhere. I wasn't really expecting it. In fact I wasn't expecting anything. The experience was out of the ordinary. It's a totally extraordinary treatment by Philippine customer service standards. Kinda like comparable to some hotel concierge or something. I am not putting down the Philippine customer service industry when I said that it was extraordinary by Philippine standards. I am just trying to be real. As people from a developing country like ours, we don't really expect much customer service so we got used to the regular transaction centric type of service without that much interaction and connection.

Let me tell you how things got started and what prompted me to give the customer service number a ring. For the past few months, my wife has been salivating over, dreaming of and going crazy over having a Samsung Galaxy S3. She is not really a gadget head or a gadget freak for a lack of a better term. She is the type of phone user who will use the phone until it gives up on her. Talking about maximizing the gadget's worth. She only gets a new one purely as a matter of necessity not like those gadget geeks who would acquire the latest releases just for the pure exhilarating feeling of owning what's new. For some reason, the Samsung Galaxy S3 unleashed the gadget head in her and it haunted her ever since she laid her eyes on that piece. I told her that we are going to get it but for several months it has been getting put off not for any other reason but because it simply wouldn't make the cut yet financial wise. However that does not mean I was not doing anything. While I was trying to stall the purchase I was also putting aside small amounts coming off my monthly allowance. I was saving up. I wanted to surprise her. So when I piled up enough cash that could set me off in getting the Samsung Galaxy S3, I started my online hunt for this gadget. I looked everywhere but it seemed like it has been selling like hot cake that they could not keep it in stock for long. I checked Lazada out and lo and behold they got it in stock…well at least initially when I was browsing around and it was on the hot deals promotion so that means I can still chip off some amount from the actual price. I was getting ready to make the purchase, in fact I was already on the checkout part when all of a sudden the page got refreshed and it showed that it is no longer available. What a bummer. I was like seconds away from hitting the submit button to finalize the purchase but I still didn't get it. Close but no cigar so to speak. So I tried calling the Lazada customer care hotline and asked the guy if there is a way to find out if the gadget I was trying to purchase will be re-stocked. I told him that I was literally just a click away when the page got refreshed.

The customer service person was very polite, courteous and acknowledged my predicament. He could have just gone the easy route by apologizing and telling me that it is really not available and there's nothing he could do. But he did something else. He told me that he is going to check with their warehouse people to see if there are still some units left lying around and he will call me back if there is. So he got my contact number and promised to call me back. And he did call me back with great news. There are still a few units left available so I gave it a go and he actually processed the order for me while I was on the phone. If it wasn't for him going above and beyond I wouldn't have anything to surprise my wife with. I am glad that Lazada has a team of great customer support people who are willing to go the extra mile to make customers happy.

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