The buying habits of Filipinos are changing. More and more Filipino consumers are going on the internet to buy things. This marketing trend seems to be an offshoot of the personal service marketing strategies of beauty products, lingerie and shoes. Right now, internet marketing is still in its infancy in the Philippines, but it is expected to gain momentum and boom in the coming years.

Personally, I have been buying various goods on the internet for some time now. Normally, these are clothing, toys, beauty products, and even a few gadgets. I once bought an iPod on discount when I fell upon promo. For some of the packages, I paid upfront, in cash, via a bank deposit. In others, I paid via online cash transaction or via credit card. So far, I've only been able to pay cash on delivery (COD) when I transact with Lazada Philippines.

COD is nothing new. Package delivery services allow that from their clients. Before credit cards, COD was an alternative payment scheme for mail-order purchases. There was even a big department store in Manila called COD.

Admittedly, even after so many online transactions, there is still the thrill of accepting the delivery once it arrives. Opening the boxes or parcels is like opening Christmas gifts. When you consider it, it's a triple treat browsing to buy for an item, getting giddy with excitement while waiting for the package, and then finally opening it when it arrives. What's even better is that you can pay for it in any of three convenient ways.

Lazada Philippines has made it very easy to buy things from them. They have also made payment very safe and secure. Between the ease and convenience of shopping online, and the reliable delivery of the purchase, that solves the second half shopping concerns right there.

The first half of shopping, of course, is finding the product you want to buy. There are a lot of criteria, depending on the type of product. For clothes, shoes, and other articles of clothing, is it the right size, style and color? For electronic devices and other gadgets, is it the right make and model? Does it have the specifications I want? Finally, is it within my price range?

So far, Lazada Philippines has delivered on the first part, with a clean website design, and a wide range of products. They also have promos on the most popular items on sale. There is attention to detail which makes the internet buyer keep coming back either for reference to things to buy and to just browse the products on sale. Internet sales have been criticized for fueling impulse buying. The way I see it, internet marketing do not even approach the level of impulse buying that TV infomercials have. Besides, most of the items on the website store are also readily available on other websites, which allow for comparison shopping for prices and product features.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Delivery Service.

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