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When the internet started, we were told as kids that this kind of technology will sooner or later take over all aspects of life. They weren't kidding. After the famous millennium bug, more people took notice on the internet and eventually it became a power tool to from people who own businesses to ordinary kids blogging and posting pictures. Ultimately, the internet became an avenue for businessmen who desire to make their products available anywhere at any given time. With the help of site holders, anyone who has breads can access and make their personalized domains. Now, more than a thousand sites are built everyday dedicated to this kind of nature. It would only take a while before Filipinos who are known internet buffs to catch this wave trend. But no one ever knew that other countries would be interested in establishing their sites for the benefit our benefit. A website called Lazada Philippines is one of the first few online selling sites to have extended domains specifically for the Filipino buyers. Though they are primarily based in Germany, they took their time to create a version of their popular site to our likings. What's interesting about this site is how they have welcomed our netizens to the whole new side of convenience. This website offers several products from different manufacturers and brands both local and international. These products are made available and accessible to us in many ways. It ranges from purchasing via Cash on Delivery, debit/credit card and over-the-counter. Their various payment options are manageable even to those in the province. Unlike in some locally owned sites, they only sadly cater mainstream buyers from Metro Manila or Cebu. Lazada, however, delivers to more than a hundred branches nationwide. Anyone can make transactions and buy their items online. No restrictions whatsoever.

One of their options is with Dragonpay. For those who are not familiar with this,it is a payment process that entails less of your time because no registration is needed per transaction. Through Dragonpay, your payments can be availed through online banking with the help of RCBC AccessOne, Eastwestbanker, UCPB Connect, Chinabank Online, Unionbank Retail Internet Banking and Unionbank EON. You can also pay over-the-counter with BDO, BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, Eastwest, UCPB, Chinabank, PNB, Sterling Bank of Asia, Maybank, Landbank, and Unionbank. For those who are not familiar with the depositing process via banks, customers can also make their transactions over-the-counter in any LBC payment centers outside malls open from Sundays-Saturdays as well as any SM Payment counters.

Now that is convenience in a whole other level. No more worrying that your location cannot be accommodated because with so much branches and choices to choose from, you are guaranteed service that is within your reach. For more information, you can visit and scroll down to the bottom screen and click Payment Methods. Don't hesitate to be part of the now growing community of online shoppers! Explore your options and make the best out of the opportunity. Just choose the most appropriate method for you and shop away!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Website.

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