You can purchase almost anything through online shopping websites. The thing is not all online shopping sites are safe. All online shoppers should be aware of this especially those who are new to online shopping. Good thing there's Lazada . I am picky when it comes to websites particularly those that I am going to do business transactions with or purchase an item from. I have a personal set of criteria that I use to determine if I will trust a website or not. Just to let you in on some of those criteria, I always check if the website starts with "https" as opposed to "http" because the letter s at the end of http means "secure", I check if there's a third party logo or seal of approval e.g. the PCI-DSS seal of approval (I will explain what the letters mean later on), I look for a physical address and a phone number, I check on the website's shipping methods and policies and try to make sure that they use a well-known, reputable carrier and I also try to check on what others have to say about the website either through reviews posted on review websites or actual testimonials from friends, associates and family members. Some people might not be thinking about these things because it is kind of a complicated process. However, one should not overlook doing a background check before dealing with a website. Well, primarily because there is no human face that represents it, you don't see the guys you are dealing with on the get go. Okay going back to Lazada Ph, did I use those criteria I mentioned above to determine if Lazada is safe and reliable.

Take a wild guess. *** yeah you're right! I did use those criteria as my basis if I will deal with Lazada or not. Not surprisingly, Lazada met all of my requirements with flying colors. Let me break everything down: The website starts with "https" and not "http", they have a third party logo or seal of approval at the bottom and theirs is coming from The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (A Germany based company that specializes in website security) which means that the website has been certified and checked that no security relevant vulnerabilities have been found and that Lazada Philippines' I.T system have the best possible protection against criminal attacks. This seal of approval certifies that the web shop data and credit card payment are secure. Then they have a physical office address conveniently located right in the heart of Makati which I actually checked out myself by swinging by to the actual building (I don't usually do the visits but I did it that time because it's like a stone's throw away from where I work anyway). I didn't go inside the office but what I did was, I asked the security personnel of the building if there is such a company named Lazada Philippines leasing an office floor in the building. I only need to hear them say yes and when they did I was satisfied and just left. Their shipping carrier is LBC which is a household name in courier shipping and one of the largest. I have had a lot of items shipped before through LBC so no question about that.

Finally, I also mentioned reviews, I asked some co-workers and friends and they got nothing but positive comments about how Lazada does its business so there it goes to make a long story short, I went with Lazada for my online shopping needs because I trust the website not just on a whim but based on established facts that I did research on. If you will ask me, so is Lazada reliable? I will say yes 101%.

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