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I ordered a lenovo g4030 on jan 22, 2015. it was supposedly a gift for myself since my bday is on feb 9th.

unfortunately there was a problem with the laptop so i returned it on jan 28.lbc express confirmed that the item was received by lazada on jan 29. since then i made numerous phonecalls to their customer service so i could get my refund. i spoke to MARIA, FRANZ, and now JAIME who kept on telling me that an evaluation is still being processed and i will be notified once the refund is bwing sent. its been 12 days since i returned the item and i still havent gotten any clear resolution to my problem.Lazada i hope you have time to read my post.

I am not wasting my hard earned money for nothing!! Please process my refund as soon as possible.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines #948773

Well, base on your testimony if all of them are true, I think they should have issued you a refund / replacement of the item. Do you have pictures or other evidence to prove your claim?

Mine is different scenario.

I received a wrong item. But they have taken advantage of the technology and changed the photo to the one I received. So when they check the system, my order and return item is "apparently" the same. Really, a foul play.

To claim that my problem is legit, I did have the screenshot of the item before the purchase. I forwarded to them the picture and they seem to turn blindly on the situation. You can check my rants here:

Sorry, I am really pissed / angry that time while writing the review about Lazada Philippines; hence, the CAPSLOCKs. I received for the third time that they declined the refund / replacement.

I can't even work and sleep well at night because of the "stresses" i am getting.

We should try to do something about this. I learned many things from this experience and I like to educate victims like me and other unaware customers to look at certain things before buying at Lazada philippines (So much for "hassle-free" shopping, right?) . I think this is the mistake I made. I had two successful purchases from Lazada Philippines and I gave them my trust on my third transaction.

We can always earn the money that Lazada Philippines "stole" from us but they can never again earn our trust!

You could email me at, I am more happy to help.

Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines #948366

Did they process your refund?

to moodswings San Juan, Manila, Philippines #948400

unfortunately they didnt give the refund. they sent me an email stating that there was no problem with my laptop and that they will be sending it back to me.

the problem is lbc cant locate my address.

so im still calling them to follow up on my *** laptop. i shouldnt have bought it in lazada in the first place

to cindy0419 Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines #948403

Its only 6 days, from Jan 22 to 28. You could ask for a refund - provided that you haven't used the item, return it to its original packaging, etc.

But how would you know if there's a problem with your laptop unless you open it, right? May I ask what is the problem with your laptop?

Maybe you could ask for a warranty from the merchant? Did they ship your item with the merchant's receipt?

to moodswings San Juan, Manila, Philippines #948693

i experienced a system latency that is why i returned the item. i always get a "not responding error" whenever i go to a different window.

i asked for a refund but they didnt give me a refund. they said they checked the laptop and they didnt see any defect.

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