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Lasada Phils. knows for sure that some of their suppliers are selling fake products.

Put some control before you deliver something to your customer.

Be concern to us and not just go after our money.

You know who I am but you keep on ignoring my complain. Or maybe because you don't know how to handle anymore that massive non stop complain from your many customers.

My refund for my order nos. 324993922 last October with LBC remittance number 103771411752 that you pulled out with no apparent reason are still pending and no response from Lasada at all.

And now, I feel so embarrassed and frustrated cause what I received from Lasada were FAKE perfumes.

I will not stop informing on line Philippine customers, that Lasada are selling FAKE products!

And I will ask the DTI to suspend if not revoke the license of Lasada to sell on line here in the Philippines.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Paki post kung anong seller yan, para makaiwas kami sa fake

to Anonymous #1096112

The Yandal Shop (TYS).


Hi, Armando. As per checking, we have already refunded your payment for the pulled out item since Nov 17, 2015 1:05:03 PM.

We'll request for this remittance to be re-activated since it was locked after 7 days that it was not claimed. We'll include this for processing tomorrow, Jan. 5, 2016. We'll give you a call immediately after process is done.

Let us know what else we can do to help you. Good day!

to LazadaPH #1095955

Refund was processed and claimed already.

I received a call from Ms. Chai Vila of Lazada.

She's so accommodating and have the heart to feel what I am going through.

She also sent an email on how they can solve my concern regarding fake perfumes.

I hope Lazada should have more people like Ms. Chai Vila.

Having a coversation that Lazada wants to take an action on the concern of their customer makes customer like me feels good.

Thanks Ms. Vila...

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