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I saw a Nikon D90 Body at Lazada.com.ph while browsing the web. For a month now, I was really planning to upgrade my entry level DSLR to something more challenging and compensating body. Since I already few of lenses and arsenals for this hobby, I scouted for a branch new D90 Body at the lowest price possible hence the find at www.lazada.com.ph

So, enticed with the price, I check LAZADA's background (since they seemed to me new) and found out that they are operating in Malaysia and somewhere in Middle East. The latter operation changed to Mizado after they were mocked for cloning AMAZON. They seemed to me to be legit and so I was convinced to pursue my planned purchase. I called up their hotline and placed an order of my longed DSLR D90 body. It was as smooth as silk. They told me to deposit the total quote in a Bank Account as I opted to use the Bank Transfer payment option. I deposited on Arpil 24, 2012 right after the bank open (at about 8:30). I called up their hotline again to confirm the receipt of my payment and they acknowledged it so. The representative who accommodated me assured that they will be able to process my order on the 25th since they will have some processing of my payment.

I called up their hotline again morning of 25th to follow-up the status of my order. I clearly explain that I don't mind the 5-10 days policy of delivery because I can fairly live with it. What I emphasized was that I want to know when the item be leaving from their end for me to know when it will arrive here in Iloilo. I was just trying to establish it because I want to pre-plan my trip on the next days (since my job involves traveling) and be able to receive the merchandise personally to check defects, should there be any, incurred by freight handling. LAZADA told me tha "Don't worry sir, we will call you as soon as our partner courier will be shipping your item". They told me further that the item IS ALREADY WITH THEM and they are processing it. I waited the call they processed for the whole day. No LAZADA called.

Today, I was complacent that a call may be made by them by morning or noon after they fail to do so as promised on the previous day. When the clock hits 2:00pm, I remembered my purchase and wondered why such a delay. I called up their hotline again and since I was traveling, I used my phone (yes, it was indeed expensive).

A certain KRIS told me that they are processing my order and it is already forwarded in their logistics department. I explained again why I was making follow-ups despite the advise that it is already on process. My call was interrupted maybe due to signal problem so I called up again and the same agent (KRIS) told me she will follow-up their logistics department about the shipment of my purchase. The call was interrupted again so to establish a commitment, I called up again and a certain CHARM answered me. I asked her for KRIS but she said she had several inbound. I asked CHARM to relay to KRIS that I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF SHE CAN FOLLOW-UP WHEN THEIR LOGISTICS DEPARTMENT will ship my item - CHARM yielded and a little of redundant explanation was made when I brought up my concern again. I wasn't pissed then because THEY COMMITTED on shipping it.

A few minutes from the time of this post, a representative from LAZADA phoned me and informed me that the item I purchased is already out of stock. I felt like my hypertension's going to hit me. I suspected then that I was SCAMMED by LAZADA. I withheld my rage, although nagged the agent why it TOOK THEM 3-DAYS TO KNOW THEY ARE ALREADY OUT OF STOCK of that merchandise. The rep told me because there were lots of orders for that merchandise. Well, they could have known that ON THE DAY I PLACED MY ORDER. It was indeed deceitful and it so appear they're fooling their customers. The rep told me that they will have my money reimbursed with an INCONVENIENCE COMPENSATION of Php 500 on top of the sum I deposited. I told to just deposit my money immediately and she yielded. It seemed suspicious though because the rep did not even take my account number where they will deposit my money.

As of this time, the item I want to purchase is still displayed in their website and shows proudly as "IN STOCK". Absurd and at the same time deceitful.

Do not buy at LAZADA, they may be legitimate but their abusive and if you're easy, they may give and have your money and time disappear.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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I have also the same issue, in fact i have sent them a message in their Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilOnlineShop/

I have written my complaint in case anyone wants to read:

Lazada, can you explain further about my orders got cancelled thrice each on different sellers and for no apparent reason? Payed through paypal and credit card!

seems like there's an anomaly going on with the following sellers: welcomehome, SUNSKY & uebfashion. This sellers should have no reason to cancel orders of which i checked, the products were in stock!

Be Aware potential buyers! Lazada doesn't seem to care!

Also i have posted the order numbers to their facebook account: Following Orders that was cancelled: Order # 387882219, 369125219 & 396957759

Here are the items that i ordered:

Seller: Sunsky http://www.lazada.com.ph/camera-lens-cap-lens-sunshade-camera-protector-plate-kit-fordji-phantom-3-pro-intl-6402547.html http://www.lazada.com.ph/dji-nd-filters-cpl-filter-lens-filter-for-dji-phantom-3-intl-6399251.html Seller: uebfashion http://www.lazada.com.ph/protective-case-for-dji-phantom-3-inspire-1-remotecontroller-yellow-intl-6925316.html http://www.lazada.com.ph/snap-onoff-prop-guards-for-dji-phantom-all-versions-phantom-1-and-2-and-3-tool-2817362.html Seller: welcomehome http://www.lazada.com.ph/silicon-protective-case-for-dji-phantom-3-inspire-1-remotecontroller-green-intl-6980873.html


ang dami palang complaints dito sa LAZADA. baka madisgrasya pa yung PERA ko dito sa kanila.

napapansin ko mabilis silang mag sorry sa mga complaints dito gayung matagal na pala silang kikontak ng mga buyer/complainants . dito ang bilis makasagot kasi nababasa ng ibang tao. NAKAKATAKOT mag order sa LAZADA.

Sadami na ng mga complaints dapat tingnan na to ng DTI. ang laking abala.

magaling sa promises tapos pag palpak ang hirap nang mabalik ang pera mo. CALLING DTI PLEASE INVESTIGATE LAZADA.


They will also use an excuse saying that your Internet connection may also cause someone else to get the order ahead of yours in case only 1 item is left in stock. Yet the site still displays "in stock."


what’s confusing to me is that the Lazada website assures customers that their items are 100% genuine which suggests that they have some sort of quality control or inspection team. but then, here comes the customer service saying a disclaimer that they can’t be on top of everything.

that does not make sense. to guarantee that a product is 100% genuine while fully aware that there are some fakes (worst is all counterfeit items) is false advertising and they should face some punishment instead of letting them get away with it by letting them replace the product discreetly.

can we say this is just an isolated case? i don’t think so. i smell conspiracy here.

we all know there have been lots of complaints regarding fake products from Lazada. Not just big enough for them to shut up on “our products are 100% genuine” tagline. But how many consumers can really tell the genuine ones from the fake ones? Not a significant number.

Can you instantly tell fake Lacoste or Versace perfumes? Fake signature watches? Fake Levi’s pants? Etc etc.

For example, when I ordered Kenneth Cole perfume from CashCash Pinoy there’s no difference in the scent between the original and the fake one. How did I know? The fake one’s scent does not last an hour. When I went back to the store, I said I want a refund on this as this is not original.

Is this US or SG? The crew then answered it’s SG sir meaning, made in Singapore. I got a refund. See?

These bastards intentionally say “100% genuine” in their website while they are fully aware those are not. If all Lazada customers are only skilled in knowing the difference between fake and original, I believe there will be more and more complaints.

This is what I think is the real score;

1. They know they sell fake products. And this can be massively done on products that can be and most popularly imitated – perfumes, pants, watches, shades, beauty products, (even the Coocan ceramic pot has imitations!).


They know some customers know how to spot a fake, so they have prepared some genuine items in case some complains and will even go the extra mile of meeting the complainant personally and giving vouchers discreetly. This is if the situation gets out of hand like it breaks out in the social media.

Complaints regarding fake products from Lazada is not just an isolated case.

They deal with it discreetly. So why don’t we urge Lazada to shup up on “our products are 100% genuine” and instead tell the customers the real score with something like “our products can be original or fake, buy at your own risk”.

Manila, Manila, Philippines #913667

Oh, our experience is my friend bought a shaker at lazada, but the item is defective. Hassle, she needs to return the item the Lazada office. Anyway, if you are looking for a fashion online store, try www.shopthiseasy.com

Region 4, Philippines #868192

LAZADA IS A SCAM! All the items I purchased from them are FAKE!!!

Their service also sucks!! I ordered 3 items. First one, I think the stonewave microwave cooker is FAKE. It does not even have a recipe book.

What's worst was, paid 600PHP for this Size (cm): 13 x 17 x 10 but I received 6.5 x 4.5 x 3.5

The 2nd order was a 7-set ceramic cookware! Holy cow!

when we opened the box it contained only 3 frying pans. 3rd order , they sent me FAke Casio Illuminator watch.

I purchased these item in one day


this company just suddenly appeared on my credit card whereas i was not using my card at all! i notified my credit card company and they have to block and replaced my card. calling lazada now hopefully they would resolve this case


I have bought an enormous amount of products from lazada.com.ph and not a single problem. I think sometimes it's the buyers that are at fault.


Have a bad experience with them, i was billed by my credit company and they said that the transaction went through. When i emailed lazada.com.ph, they said that the transaction was cancelled (for the 6th time) due to some technical reason and offer a cash on delivery instead, they didnt bother to tell me about it; what a trick!

They dont have paypal account too according to their agent. Never to transact with them again!


It's better to take advantage of the Cash on Delivery payment option, tell the courier that you need to inspect the item first before payment. Cash on delivery is the best choice, dumating man or hindi ung order mo wala kang proproblemahin kasi wala kang binayaran. I plan on buying a laptop from them but I'll test it first, I'll test the serial number on acer website to see if it's original.

they texted me just nOw!!!!i am sO diSsapointeD :( *** yOu lAzada.com.ph you should have told me why you cancelled my order...your such a disSapontment...
i will never shOp here again!!

angry mUch..grrrrr i am sO piSsed :upset :upset :upset
:) still waiting for my order yolanda small t-shirt! sO excited to wear it please don't fail me lazada i choOse tO shOp here(LAZADA) for i knOw you have a good cUstomer service...I order it yEsterday Nov.

14, 2013! anD itS COD...

Never shop on Lazada!!!

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #683371

lazada is not good .scam dina nla binabalik ang refund

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines #673782

Order number: 300636648

Toshiba 40" Full HD LED TV PS200

Unable to mount the stand because of improper assembly. Screen display edges is half open.

The unit is refurbish, not brandnew.


I ve accidentally double my order because of the slow internet connection and I receive two confirmation order.. it states that a rep will call but no one call, I wanted to cancel the 1st order, so I decided to send message to cancel my 1st order in there customer service but still no response...

good thing it was cash on delivery cause if it will arrive I will only pay for 1 unit.. still w8ng for there response.. hope they cancel it for I will not pay it..

cause I already made an plenty effort of trying to contact them after 5 minutes I made the order.. HOPE YOU WILL NOT FAIL ME LAZADA!!



COD? And you're from Bohol?

Really? Since when Lazada's COD to outside Metro Manila started?

Might as well try that...

I got my item in under 3 days. COD po yun.

Great service for year 2013 :grin

I am from Bohol.

I belong to online shopper because I do not have time to do ‘normal shopping’ (I am so busy with my work). I am credit card holder for more than 30years & use it internationally.

My favourite online shops are amazon all over the world, ebay international and many others. I am ordering about 80.000 to 120000 in pesos monthly, sometimes less, sometimes more. I never had such bad experiences with any online companies AROUND THE WORLD as with lazada Philippine! I can publish the facts from supports which is shocking.


I would not recommend anyone to buy anything from lazada, only get headache and high blood. The support and service departments are mostly incompetent

to John #742748
hOpe i could have that experiEnce as yourS! :sigh

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