"There's no more gas!" yelled out my boyfriend from the kitchen. We were making finger food for our Friday date night and Ken was just about to fire up the stove to pop some popcorn. We like it old school style. He went back to my room and told me I had to get myself an electric stove so I would never have to worry about running out of gas which I always forget to replace. The following day, Ken and I went online to look for some induction cooker. We looked at Lazada where I recently bought five pieces of blue scented candles, my latest addition to my newly built washroom. We found a number of induction cookers but of course, I ended up buying the cheapest! A Hanabishi induction cooker HIC 100. But it has features that are just the same as the others. It has a LED display, timer control and overheat automatic cut off which will help me a lot so I can stop overcooking practically everything I make. Best part for me though is there's a free stainless pot. Yey to more kitchenware for FREE! I got it a few days ago and it has been a joy since then. It also has unique features to it which I'm not sure is also available in other induction cookers. According to the description, it's flame, pollution, smoke and carbon monoxide free.

My mom visited me a few days ago and to my surprise, she also liked the cooker. She can be very traditional sometimes so it's not everyday she sees the good side of the technology nowadays. My boyfriend suggested I buy my mom one as well. I then realized it was the perfect one for my mom because she didn't have much help at home and getting her an induction cooker would lessen the chances of her getting in a fire accident. So when I visited her yesterday, I surprised her with another induction cooker I bought especially for her. She was just ecstatic and thankful about it.

I always get my stuff online as much as possible because there usually are more information online regarding the item I'm interested in compared to the ones in malls. More often the salesman or saleslady does not have much knowledge about what their selling besides its price. Also, I buy online because there are sites like Lazada that offer free shipping. Other than that, they also have a two week policy where you can return any of your bought items to get replaced for absolutely free. You'll know for sure that you're going to get something with quality because the company is going to end up replacing it anyway if it doesn't perform well. These kinds of services save me both gas money and delivery payments. But a tip from myself to you, don't ever trust just any online selling site. Ask from your friends sites they've had experience with so you can be certain about their services. That way there are less risks of getting scammed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Delivery Service.

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