I don't know if I'm the only one left on the planet that sees the computer as a complete stranger. Let's just say I'm not as fascinated as the others. I spend at the most an hour on the internet everyday just to check my email. Because let's face it, literally everyone got sucked in and no mere mortal can survive our era now without at least one account published for the world to see. I may also possibly be the only one in her mid-twenties not found on Facebook. I don't find the idea of posting information or pictures of me available for grabs by just anyone even my friends. The thought creeps me out. I basically just make use of Word, Wordpress and Google Mail. I blog but I make sure I stay anonymous. I write on a daily basis (Yes, I keep a diary) and whatever I write that I feel is worth publishing, I paste on my blog whenever I have free time. You guys probably think I'm a complete loser. Hey, I have things cool. I have a MAC laptop that my dad force fed to me two years ago. I still sadly haven't maximized it. I have an iPhone 4s that doubles as my camera. I like to travel and since my SLR's too bulky to fit in any of my bags, I end up just always ditching it before I leave my room. I'm not totally outdated. I just don't see the perks of being so involved with the internet. People are so obsessed with it that if it were a thing, everyone would marry it.

I eventually ate everything I said.

As I mentioned earlier, I do a lot of travelling. It's mainly for work but the pictures I take are mostly for my personal archive. I'm sentimental that way. I had a trip in Bacolod a few weeks before the riot Maskara Festival to research on how they go about preparing for such grand festivities. I was scheduled to fly back to Manila two days before my boyfriend's birthday. Unfortunately, my flight got cancelled and my supervisor extended my stay for further research. I still haven't gotten or at least thought of what to get my boyfriend so that added to my stress. It was a good thing I mentioned to my supervisor earlier how pumped I was about celebrating my boyfriend's birthday so he suggested I check out Lazada Philippines. It's apparently an online shopping site that ships the orders anywhere in Metro Manila for free. They had an extensive electronics collection that was just perfect for what I generally wanted to get. I've never tried ordering online heck I don't even use Facebook. I was rarely in the hotel so I only had a few minutes before sleep to order. I actually thought the site would be down by then because I usually get home past two in the morning but I guess that only applies on stores in malls. It was really easy. I ordered a GPS for the new car my boyfriend's dad got him. I was hesitant of course to give out my credit card information so I ended up paying over the counter in BPI. I got it delivered in time for his celebration which didn't completely make up for me ditching him on his big day but it sure lessened the agonizing feeling of being away from each other.

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