Whenever I think about Lazada customer service, a lot of positive superlatives come into my mind like excellent, exceptional, outstanding, awesome, quick, efficient, knowledgeable, polite, friendly, courteous... I might as well give you a thesaurus because I could go on all day. I am not a Lazada fanboy but that's just how I am when I am really satisfied with service. Customers normally would tell three people if they are satisfied with a service and tell 3,000 if they are not. That's not me, I mean partly because I am also very vocal about my bad customer service experiences. As with the positive customer services experiences, I don't let them go unnoticed because I love giving accolades where accolades are due. I am that kind of customer who would ask to speak to a supervisor just to pass on a good word for the customer service person I spoke with. I am very appreciative of good things and good deeds done to me.

If you live in the Philippines, you have probably become inured or accustomed to mediocre or in some worst cases bad customer service. That's probably because we don't really expect that much from the service we receive which actually came from our positive trait of being long-suffering or "matiisin" in the vernacular. However, thing are looking up in the recent years in the field of customer service in the Philippines. There has been an upward trend in terms of the level of service being provided. Companies are starting to revolutionize the way they treat customers and are starting to be at par with global standards. Online or e-Commerce companies are at the forefront of this revolution and Lazada Philippines is part of that. When I called the Lazada customer service hotline, I wasn't really expecting much. I only expected that my questions will be answered and nothing else. I didn't expect to have a connection or interaction with the person I was going to speak with.

The Lazada Ph customer service person on the phone answered my questions, there's really nothing much but I was swept away by the manner in which he dealt with me. He was completely professional, very dynamic, knowledgeable, responsive and interactive. I didn't get your typical one question and one answer type of conversation. I asked for a website walk through and he did it with much passion and gusto and more importantly with a smile. I am impressed that Lazada took the time to do things right. Their passion and commitment for excellence reflects on the kind of representation they have on the phone. I commend the people behind Lazada for the effort they put on to train their customer support people. The kind of outstanding customer they have really puts them ahead of the pack. Lazada truly understands that the key to longevity in this tough business environment is having an arsenal of great customer service tools and people. That's what kept me coming back for more and inspired my brand loyalty. Keep on doing what you have been doing best and my money is going to be continuously on you guys.

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