When Lazada Philippines was introduced, there was a lot of buzz and questions about whether it is going to hold up to its promise as the Philippines premier online shopping mall. I myself was a bit skeptical too at first and at the same time excited. The concept of having a good, reliable and reputable online shopping site in the Philippines has never been done before. Sure there were successful online shopping websites in the Philippines but they are on a different league, I am talking about the likes of sulit.com where sellers and buyers gather to do business.

In Lazada Philippines, there is only one seller and that is Lazada itself. It is like your beloved traditional shopping mall, the only difference is that it is located in an address unreachable by physical transportation means that is cyberspace. I visited Lazada Ph initially without the intention to get anything or participate in their hot deals offering, I just wanted to test the waters so to speak. I just would like to dive in and get a feel of what they can bring to the table. I was just a lurker to put it in simple terms. So I looked around armed with my mouse pointer and a keen sense of web design aesthetics honed by years of incessant pilgrimages to cyberspace's online shopping meccas. The first thing I took note of and grabbed my attention was the Lazada website logo. Logos definitely are the first things that I usually notice whenever I visit a website or any kind of business establishment. I consider it as the face of that entity.

It is pretty much like meeting someone for the first time, you create first impressions from what you can readily see in-front of you or it could be compared to the experience of your first visit to an airport in which the first thing that you would see from your periphery is the airline's huge Hollywood sign like signage. The website's logo or the company logo for that matter is tastefully presented and speaks of Lazada's awareness of aesthetics and design. The logo can be easily seen and recognized without the need for going big, bold colors and screaming fonts. The positioning is also strategic. It is perched right on the top of the shopping categories where it maximizes the Lazada name recall. Another thing that I really dig about the company logo is the shopping cart image that highlights the dominant sound of the Lazada name which is the letter Z.

That shopping cart image that encapsulates the Z in Lazada features a unique fusion of yummy colors orange, cherry red, blue aquamarine and green that is very enticing and speaks of Lazada as a fun place to go online shopping on. Another website feature that I love in Lazada is the recommendations list, comparable to a restaurant menu that helps you make your choices if you are coming in without any idea of what you are going to get. Most of the item recommendations on the list usually comes with the hot deals discount which is good because that makes it easier to look for the discounted items. What about the brands and items? Well , great news, Lazada carries a huge array of popular brand names and a diverse selection of categories including books, toys, electronics and seasonal products too! I haven't gotten anything yet but I am sure that I will get some stuff one of these days. I had a great time browsing around the website and I assume that if looking around the site is already a pleasurable experience, expect the actual shopping experience to be a blast.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Website.

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