Let's get spooky at Lazada PH Halloween is just around the corner, I mean not just around but it is already at the corner. Lol! Halloween in the Philippines is a widely observed holiday next to Christmas well probably because it is just natural that we all have loved ones who have passed on to the next realm. If you say you don't have one then we probably should be scared of you because you'll be one of those characters out of the twilight saga or something. When we talk about Halloween, the phrase trick or treat are normally dropped inevitably into the conversation because for some reason, us Filipinos have steadily caught this practice on over the years, I remember as a kid that only those kids in nearby affluent villages were participating in this fun Halloween activity. Although we had costume parties in school, we never did any actual trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Nowadays a lot of kids know what trick or treat is and my kids are no exception. Just yesterday when my kids came home from school they gave me a heads up that we are going to hit the mall on the upcoming weekend to grab some spooky Halloween stuff like costumes and some accessories. I told myself, there goes the expenses again. I was like, is this really that necessary? And the good dad in me was like, *** yeah it is necessary that is if you want your kids to have fun. Of course I wanted my kids to have fun, I know how it is because I have been a kid too and I know how fun it is to goof around wearing those ghoulish Halloween costumes on. But I don't want to blow a lot of money on it. There must be some place where I could get Halloween costumes that wouldn't be that expensive. I thought of the Philippines online shopping mall, Lazada Philippines since I just signed up a couple of weeks back. So I browsed around and checked the toys, kids and babies category and there I found what I was looking for: The Halloween Specials. There's like a red/black vampire costume that comes with a price tag of 369 PHP plus a hot deals discount of 16% putting the total check out price at 309 PHP. Awesome deal! I thought. Then there's a skull with black cape costume that goes for 279 PHP and a hot deals discount of 25% so that brought the final price down to 209 PHP. I got these two items for my little boy because he couldn't just have one. He actually wanted all of them but of course I set the limit at only two. My little princess was particularly fond of the witch cape with ruffled hat that goes for 298 PHP plus a 16% hot deals discount bringing it down to 249 PHP.

I also ended up getting something for myself. I got an orange plastic Halloween bucket that I am going to put on my office desk for the sake of fun. I got it 224 PHP with the 20% hot deals discount already thrown in. Lazada Philippines really saved me up some money this Halloween. The Halloween specials were awesome. If this has been good, I wonder how good the Christmas specials would be. Well I know it is going to be excellent as usual so I better start saving up some bucks and have a blast on my next Lazada shopping.

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