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As an experienced online shopper for several years, I have had my fair share of horror stories. From receiving items which were totally different from the description at the online shopping sites to not even getting a single item upon payment, my experience with online shopping has indeed been colorful. Although many of my friends have called me dense and crazy for wanting to continue shopping online, the good experiences still outweigh the bad ones. Upon chancing upon the Lazada Philippines website while going through one of my favorite social media sites, I decided to give it a try to see how the website fairs.

Trust Issues

One of the main concerns of many online shoppers, myself included, is the mode of payment required before the transaction process is complete. With some online shopping sites, meet ups for cash on delivery payment methods or the deposit of the full payment is required before the items are delivered to your doorstep. When it comes to the money deposit option many online shoppers become a bit apprehensive since they will not have any hold on the situation if the seller chooses to dupe their online customers. In addition to this, chasing after a refund or item replacement is virtually difficult because there is no means to trace the whereabouts of the online seller. Many online shops require their customers to have blind faith in them which can easily lead to disappointing transactions.

Since I have occasionally experienced being disappointed with my online transactions, the first thing I checked on the Lazada Philippines website was the payment options. I was surprised to see that not only did they have Visa and Mastercard Credit Card Payment options, the website also had over the counter payments, money transfer options and Cash on Delivery. With my first online purchase with this site, I had chosen the Cash on Delivery option since, in my opinion, it provided the best customer protection. In addition to this, I was really impressed with this type of payment option since most online shops do not even offer this customer friendly option.

It's as simple as that!

The website explains that delivery of packages takes 3 to 5 business days for Metro Manila. I made my online purchase at the site on a Saturday and duly received my package on a Wednesday. Upon the arrival of my package, I had given my payment and it was as simple as that. The two pairs of sandals I purchased from the site were neatly and carefully packed to ensure the safety and security of the product.

Since my first purchase, I have tried the other payment options at the Lazada Philippines website and was equally happy with the detail they give to security, most particularly with credit card payments. Now, I consider this site to be the fast growing Philippines' Online Shopping Mall.

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