More of often than not, my parents would reprimand me for locking myself in a room and attaching myself to my computer. I have been told to constantly get out of the house or at least stay healthy every few hours or so by hitting the gym. I was born thin and I still am. I eat on a regular basis, so really, why do they make such a big fuss about my daily routine? I'm on break from just recently graduating and having lived in a home away from civilization, can they honestly blame me? Moving from the center of all things amazing known as Manila to a small village in Cavite, I had nothing else to do but shove my head in my laptop just to keep me sane. Weren't they even a little happy because at least I'm not out in the streets befriending God knows who instead of my usual trips away from home just to drink with my friends not knowing exactly how I'd get home safe? They had more to worry about with me out there than me safely secluded in our house.

But that's what I want them to think (Cue evil laugh) What my parents don't know is that because of this addiction to everything online, I have discovered and managed to do what I normally did in manila in the comforts of my room. What eases a girl's pain from so much deprivation? Shopping!!! Yup, I do my shopping online. If I can't have the pleasure of seeing my friends on a normal basis, I will devour myself in everything wonderful with the help of the internet. But don't take my shopping lightly. I do more than just shop for clothes. I may be a girly girl but I shop for EVERYTHING. My parents are well off and with my two sisters working in Canada, I have become a princess in my very own little castle. I get what I want but still with a limit in mind. Gratefully, the limit is large. Lately, I've been wandering off in my little virtual mall called Lazada Philippines.

They have so many items to choose from that are within my budget which is way awesome. I mean, how can someone who does nothing for a living (temporary, of course) who has money coming her way to do if every day, there are just so much discounted goodies to choose from? I mean, I don't spend all the money I get. But even without spending so much, I get so many things in return. Add to that my parents giving me money on a daily basis. I think it's their way of compensating for my ruined social life. Lazada has become my home and it has been amazing ever since. Obsessed? You can say that. But everything on this site is literally so easy to manipulate and use. The site has massive storage for everything great right on their homepage! Let's be real now. Wouldn't you get addicted to it as well?

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