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There is some crazy Christmas bonus sale going on in lazada.com.ph that started Nov.28, it is called the Blackberry Madness. I am telling you that Lazada folks were right when they decided to call it Blackberry Madness because that is what it really is, Madness! They got up to 46% discount on their Blackberries,if that is not madness then I don't know what is. It kick started the madness inside my brain, like how? Well, I ordered the six remaining units on display (on credit of course) so everyone in the family can have one. It's Christmas anyway and all my six kids unanimously wanted their Blackberries for Christmas so what the heck I'll put it on my credit card and it is on promotion anyway so I am still saving huge bucks on that purchase. Thanks to Lazada because had they not put those things on a promotion who knows how much more I would have spent. Well I didn't mind because it is going to make everyone's Christmas in the household a lot merrier and whole lot happier this year. Another promotion that I want to talk about is the unbeatable deals promotion by Lazada. It is always on-going and again the promotion is aptly named because the deals are really guess what… unbeatable. Discounts in this promotion ranges from 20% up to 50%. Yeah there is more madness in this one. If the Blackberry Madness gets you discounts up to 46% and that is already considered madness then the 50% should be called lunacy. The item list in this one is much more diverse, wide and far reaching into Lazada's shopping categories. In here you will find toys, phones, T.Vs, home appliances, bags, fashion and things as random as board games. There is surely something for everyone here making it a great Christmas shopping hunt. Last but not the least is the hot deals promo. Normally, when malls go on a sale, they would put out items that are not moving. That is one of the reasons that some stores go on sale anyway, to boost the number of sales for the items or merchandise that are not selling. But in Lazada, it is quite different. When you browse through the items on the hot deals promotion that carries as much as 50% discount, you will quickly realize that the gadgets and items on sale are best sellers, they are not leftovers, shoddy, inferior stuff that the store is itching to let go of. Nope none of that, but what you get on sale are premium much sought after goods that everyone wants. That is how Lazada Philippines does it. They are going on sale and putting on huge discounts on the items not to dispose them but simply to give shoppers the online shopping pleasure that they deserve. That kind of thing only happens in Lazada where they aim to please and satisfy. If you're wondering, if I end the spree up with the Blackberry Madness, nope I didn't. I burned through my card until it is maxed out. I am not suggesting that people do the same thing but what I suggest is, go ahead take advantage of the discounts that Lazada offers and make this Christmas one of the best for your loved ones.

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i bet this is a marketing effort of Lazada, because there are a lot of negative feedbacks on the site.

Had a bad experience ... so I don't buy this bullcrap

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