All reviews about lazada is spot on. Worst service ever from delayed deliveries to refunds!

They don't even offer any consolation and hold the resellers and partner companies accountable. False advertising at it's finest!!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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based on my experience, lazada website sometimes provide false information regarding the product, i.e. actual item not matching the catalog spec.

it would be wise to gather info about the product from other sources before proceeding to order.

as a direct result of the above, the consumer will sometimes receive a *** product; (1)be it with wrong spec, (2)something that no one would consider as brand new or worst (3)damaged goods/non functional item...

thankfully, ive only experienced the 1st and 2nd case and i did not make a big deal out of it.

what i noticed is that in those cases, the orders were fulfilled by lazada merchants. lazada should be more vigilant about the conduct of their merchants, keeping track of valid complaints against them and taking appropriate action.


Hi, please provide us your order number so we can look into this. Thank you.

to LazadaPH #1084667

Hey lazada wheres my order ! you guys said !

it'll be delivered today by LEX and guess what i haven't received my order yet !

and i called you guys but guess what NO one answered. Wow lazada Just wow.


I cancel my order... 331183862

Sorry but I can't pay.I don't have money any more. And I just don't wanna make you waste time delivering the item this far for nothing, so please do consider, andaybe am not also around during the delivery date, coz for sure it will take you long also delivering the item, am just also a stranger in this place.

to Anonymous #1064417

Hi, we perfectly understand your reason for cancellation. We checked your order 331183862 and confirmed that it has already been cancelled. Thank you!

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