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I placed a order with lazada phillipines 3 weeks ago and havn't received any shipping notice or any communications from the company.

I have sent 3 emails to their customer services department and not received any response.

Their phone number is continually engaged, luckily i have paid with my paypal account so i know i am covered, but that is not the point.

lazada Phillipines has a very proffessional looking web site and the prices seem so cheap, but obviously there is ome sort of scam they are working with customers, and i presume it entails not having any stocks, and waiting for their suppliers to supply them.

I wish i had done some more research on Lazada Phillipines as if i had seen all the complaints they have i wouldnt have dealt with them.

Lazada phillipines do have a facebook page and i would urge all other customers who are having problems with them to post their comments on their facebook page.

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We are from Lazada Philippines and I am sorry to hear about your concern. We would be happy to help if you can provide us your Order Number or Ticket Number. You can also call us at our hotline at 02 -795 8900 or send us information on your concern via our contact us page at:

Thank you.


I had also a bad experience with Lazada Philippines. It was an experience between me and a certain costumer service attendant named Kevin.

Because Lazada offered a Cash on Delivery payment to any of these location “Metro Manila, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Tacloban and Ormoc” so I ordered an item last July 9 at around 7am and chose the COD payment method. I was excited and expected that my order will be delivered on July 14 but luckily a prompt email from Kevin stating “We are sending you an email to inform you that your order with order number (my order # here) was cancelled. Unfortunately, Cash On Delivery is only available to locations within Metro Manila. If you would like to re-order, please visit our website and choose another mode of payment convenient to you.” * copy pasted from the email received with ticket #7419.

To my dismay I emailed him saying that payment method is already offered before I ordered. On July 10, Kevin emailed back to me and say “We really apologized for the confusion. As of today we open the option of making COD payment for those selected cities in the country like Bacolod, Davao, Cebu, Ilo-ilo, Tacloban, Ormor and Cagayan de Oro. If you want you can re process the order with the same procedure of payment and we will make sure that were going to prioritize your transaction with us.

*copy and pasted the email received. I don’t know what really happened, Kevin is confused with the company service his working with he might be new to the company or untrained personnel. Well, to make the story I didn’t made another order. I was frustrated and I thought I wanted to cancel my Lazada account.

To the blog owner, Thanks for this another Lazada Philippines Services review it will shout to the world what Lazada Philipiines is.

Thank you to those Lazada service attendant who replied here. Im thinking I will make my own Lazada story posted on my mere blog.


This is the same scripted response you give to every comment on here, if you were sincere you would give your contact email, rather than the general email address as posted on here.


Lazada Phillipines is now offering big discounts to get more orders why?, when it cannot fullfill its current orders.I told my fiend do not buy from them but she went ahead, and now after 4 weeeks yes you guessed it she is still waiting. She asked if i could do anything to help, i told her its useless its like throwing your money to the wind. She has now contacted visa but who wants all this hassle?

I just dont get it?, you pay lazada for the product they just deliver it, i cant see the problem?


lazada philippines do not accept paypal as mode of payment anymore, wonder why??

to robinhood San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines #1299537

Hi robinhood, we understand how you feel about this and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Lazada still offers PayPal as mode of payment as long as it is Philippine Account.

You may send us an email through this link to do not hesitate to contact us at our customer service hotline number at (02)795 8900.

Our Customer Service Team is available daily from 6 AM until 12 Midnight. Thank you.

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