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We ordered a phone and paid by Debit card. Lazada took payment from the card, but then rejected the order because the address we gave did not match the address held by the bank EXACTLY. (Even a single letter or word is a discrepancy)

We were first told that the amount we paid will automatically reverse back within 5-15 banking days.

But after about 5 emails, it became "the amount will be credited back within 45 banking days for Debit card payments".

The first emails gave no reason for the order not being accepted, other than "we were unable to process your payment" and "No money has been deducted by Lazada from your payment card account".

As our bank balance had reduced by this order value, we knew that their statement was wrong, and began trying to find out what.

The bank confirmed it had been paid out of our account.

Lazada need lessons in customer service and maybe a much better system.

This person wrote the review because of order processing issue of a product or service from Lazada Philippines and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $3950 and wants Lazada Philippines to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was them taking my money and cancelling order. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Same experience sa lazada . Nung feb.

21 ko pa binalik ung item ko pero hanggang ngayon wala pa ring update para sa refund .

May pag asa pa kayang maibalik ang pera ko ko . Malaki na ung 2,300 na perang un!!!!!



Any update about your complaint?

Akin hanggang ngayon wala pa ring reversal n nangyayari.

Mag 3months na.

Ang sakit, ang laki nang nawalang pera


Any update as to the reversal?

Nabalik na ba ung pera mo o hanggang ngayon wala pa rin?

Akin hanggang ngayon wala pa rin.


Until now laZAd did not return my money last january 20 and gebruary 6 2017 ..


Just experienced this, last sunday i ordered a gadget from an intl seller. I used my prepaid visa card, it pushed through, my account was deducted.

I thought it was already good to go, only to receive an email from lazada that my payment was unaccepted. Its like wtf why would you deduct it from my account then, why not verify if all infos. are correct prior to accepting and deducting? Its stated there that they did not take any money so its with my bank and to expect reversal/refund 5-15days.

i immediately emailed my bank, their response is that reversals will start after 7-i forgot banking days!! Its a prepaid card so i can't purchase until i have the money back its my only fund to buy that gadget. Why does it takes a second to deduct my money but it takes a week to months to return it!

24-48hrs fine but weeks to months? Now im scared.

to Anonymous #1251285

I just reread the email reply by the bank to me, i quote "Based on our records, this transaction is still floating. Kindly allow us to explain that floating transaction is still not considered as valid transaction until it is fully-posted on your records.

While it is floating on your account, the amount will be deducted from your available limit. Nevertheless, if the transaction was cancelled/unsuccessful and was not confirmed by the merchant within 7 banking days (from the time it was earmarked), the earmarked amount will be returned to your available limit. As of this writing, there are 7 banking days left before it will be returned to your available limit." I hope it really will just take 7 banking days to return my money meaning 9 days including weekends. Its still a long time.

Why would they wait that long to reverse/refund, when merchants usually just give 24hrs waiting time to receive payments. Sucks , too much hassles payment by card thats why i prefer COD as much as possible. I guess prepaid visa card refunds are way processed faster than creditcards. Keeping my fingers crossed for my refund to appear end of next week.

BTW I used BPI Amore Prepaid Visa Card. Goodluck to us.

Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #1220698

Same thing happened to me.

My cousin used my prepaid card in east west to shop for two guitar pedals. As we are checking out and paid for the item.

We suddenly got an error page.

After that no transaction was ever recorded. But when i logged in online on my eastwest account. The amount was deducted.

We couldnt save any screenshot because as i said no transaction number was recorded on lazada.

Only a deduction on my account. Its been 3 weeks already hoping they would refund those 2980 missing on my account.

to Anonymous General, Cebu, Philippines #1237165

Were you able to get a refund?


We're sorry to hear about what happened. However, we just want you to know that all of our CS agents know that once a transaction gets invalid due to discrepancies on bank details (almost all online shop does this for security reasons), it will be cancelled and reversal time may depend if the card you used is credit or debit card.

As you said, for CC its 5-15 banking days and for DC (most commonly used is BDOMIGS) as per bank's policy it may take up to 45 days. Indeed for this kind of transactions, no amount of money went to Lazada's account. This is a policy imposed by the bank and not by us or the merchant. It remains in authorization status that's why the amount appears to have been taken out of the card.

But again, since it was rejected by CYBS, we did not collect the payment. Good day!

to LazadaPH Taguig, Manila, Philippines #1220165

I am having exact same problems with two orders. My bank will refund the money but they need speak with lazada to get approval code.

Noone answer The lazada number??? You should verify the billing address like all other vendors before deducting the money!!!!


to Anonymous General, Cebu, Philippines #1235653

were you able to get a refund? I also have the same experience. I used Metrobank debit card.

to LazadaPH #1306474

Bring my money back! I spent $400AUD and all I can get is 2 packs of Coffee and A 250 pesos toy!

to LazadaPH #1443965

Grabe kayo lazada ang dami ko ng nababasang hindi nyo pa naibabalik pera nila!!Totoo ba lahat to sana hindi ako matulad sa kanila ! Balik nyo pera ko 2,300

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