I regularly shop at lazada.com.ph/ because of their fantastic phone support. Let's babble a little bit here. What's the difference between shopping online and shopping in traditional malls/shops? Well lots of them. I am not even going to juxtapose the two because it wouldn't make a lot of sense. I am going state one obvious difference: Personal assistance. In actual shops, you have the convenience of asking a live person, feel his presence, touch him, and see his expressions and the like. You can ask as many questions as you please if you are unable to figure out how the item works without being placed on hold. Online shopping on the other hand is on the opposite end of things. It's just you and the computer. You have to figure things out yourself. If you've got some questions, you have to dial the customer service hotline which only provides support for website related concerns like log-in instructions, navigation, password information and whole slew of things that are related to your interface with the site. There's not a lot of websites out there that offers actual product support. Like if you got questions about a particular item you're looking to purchase companies would refer you to call the actual manufacturer if you would like to get more information about the specs and stuff like that. Lazada Ph is an exception though because they got customer service reps that are cross trained to address product related queries that you may have. Whether it's a question about the apps that are compatible with that new phone you're getting or the capacity of that laptop that you're eyeing, there's always a Lazada customer service representative available to competently answer your questions. I was able to experience that brand of knowledgeable customer service myself when I called the hotline to get help In deciding whether I will get a tablet or just opt for a regular laptop. I asked a lot of questions. The representative was able to make me understand the major advantages and disadvantages of each gadget. I am glad I called because I probably wouldn't have figured that out myself since I am not a technical kind of person. That kind of customer service is what makes Lazada Philippines a cut above the rest.

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