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UPDATE: Lazada is still posting fake "cancel order" complaints. It turns out, they are using a "reputation management" company. Will they never learn??

Here are some details of how their scams work. You order an item that is a VERY GOOD DEAL. If you pay by credit card, but your credit card is refunded, because the item is out of stock. But the item is still listed. Why? Because if you pay by COD, you will receive either a fake, broken, or just the wrong item. And you will NEVER receive a refund.

Please be informed, ALL of the complaints that state something to the effect that "I have no money, cancel my order" are placed by Lazada employees. I know this employee and she has told me.

It is Lazadas way of moving the REAL complaints down the list. There are almost 700- complaints, most detail how lazada products are very cheap because they are either fake, or you receive a different product. They DO NOT refund your money under any circumstances. They NEVER post negative reviews of merchants unless they approve the review, which is maybe 10% of the time.

Basically, Lazada's scam is to sell broken and fake items by COD, and then not give a refund when the customer finds out.

They also use your credit card numbers for fake charges. First read ALL the complaints at this site. Basically, pay by COD or deposit, and you lose your money, and pay by credit card and they will steal your credit card number.

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we paid Php7798 for a LED TV on COD when unpacked it had scratches across the screen,we returned next day and email in or account said payment to follow but that was over 2 month ago with emails and phone calls no money has been returned!!!

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