They are selling damaged/refurbished/substandard products hence the hefty discounts. I have returned an item to them last March 23, it was received by their warehouse March 24. Asking for refund is like begging for your own money.

I will go all the way with them, in case they still refuse my refund. I have channels such as Tulfo, legal counsel, social media, online petitions to close down their PH operations, BIR and DTI.

Also media exposure is effective, we need a collective action on this, Lazada victims. Let's collect our complaints, prepare a presentation, and submit it to primetime television. Their way-of-business of scamming consumers of their money without telling them that they're buying damaged/refurbished goods is so wrong and deserves karma.

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I am a satisfied customer of Lazada, and getting a refund from them was easy for me.

I would like Lazada to continue their operations in PH



We are from Lazada Philippines and I am sorry to hear about your concern. We would be happy to help if you can provide us your Order Number or Ticket Number. You can also call us at our hotline at 02 -795 8900 or send us information on your concern via our contact us page at: http://www.lazada.com.ph/contact/

Thank you.


meron na po silang commercials sa tv bka mahirapan na po kayo itelevise. just a though :-/

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