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Order # 214605731795070, bakit ndi nakarating daw sa Tuktukan Hub sabi dun sa tracking ng LEX tas for return to sender na? Pwede po ba pumunta dun at tuktukan ulo ng nagdedeliver dapat?

Also what happens to the voucher (12.12 Sale) that was used since the item will be cancelled because of your incompetent courier?

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Lex used to be good but now it is a bad delivery service, Tuktukan hub - sarap tuktukan sa ulo mga nagdedeliver.

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27 May 20:52 Sorry, your package has been marked as failed delivery as attempts made have been unsuccessful or an issue has been detected. Your package will be returned to the seller 13:37 An unsuccessful attempt has been made to deliver your parcel.

07:09 Your parcel is being delivered by LEX PH driver Robert Mitch Cristobal. nkausap na ako sa lazada at ireport dw sa knila kung nd ideliver


Same here for me. Nagpost nko ng complain.

I'm from Davao, sa manila pa lang delivery failed na. Ni Hindi man lang nakalabas ng office nila. Sad part nito, baka totoo yung balita na kapag nagustuhan ng taga LEX lazada yung item e itatagged nila ng delivery failed.

Sa knila na. Sana naman Hindi..


Very disappointed wala man lang abiso ni hindi nagcontact ang delivery pano malalaman kung dumating na o hindi.


Ganun din ginagawa nila sa order ko , at never silang tumawag para sa delivery pero mark nila na failed delivery. so sad lintik na 11 Jan 18:03 Your parcel is being prepared for return to sender by LEX PH.

[Laguna Hub] 15:29 Sorry, your parcel has been marked as failed delivery as all delivery attempts have been made.

Your parcel will be returned to the sender 10 Jan 16:49 Your parcel has been inbounded at the logistics facility. [Laguna Hub]

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