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I ordered a michael kors watch last dec18 and receive the package on dec20. Everything was complete, box, paperbag manuals, EXCEPT, the WATCH itself...i was so frustrated as it is supposed to be my gift to my wife this xmas.

I called their customer service today and explained the situation, but prior that, I initiated a return/replace order thru mobile app that gave me a reference number. Today, i dropped the item to the nearest 711 store but the entire thing is a PAIN! I am currently waiting for the their turnaround as to when I will receive the replacement. i didnt choose the refund option as i am thinking it will be taking more time as the payment was thru my creditcard.

This is the 1st out of 5 orders that didnt went well.

Hoping for a quick resolution given that it’s holiday season. The agent though advised that I should expect the replacement by 28th, I hope it’s true.....

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I experience this also, I ordered G-SHOCK casio mudmaster last 12.12, but i received the package on 12.21 and paid it via COD, very late delivery, but when I opened the box, i noticed that there is a slit in the bubble wrap, where you can able to get the item easily, it was cut intentionally by a cutter/blade as it marked the box of the watch, and as soon i opened the box of the item, theres no tin can and no watch in it, there's the casio manual and the receipt but the watch that i ordered is missing!!!! I already report it to the delivery guy and he was shock because of the incident, i message the seller which is the time depot lazada but still no response, The lazada delivery think that there is a syndicate in the packaging team in the seller side, the lazada delivery told me that they will help me resolve this problem, i already make a return shipment, hoping that my item will be replaced.

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