" How do you set apart a good online shop from a bad one? You don't. Because it's usually apparent when an online store is too good to be true. At least for me it is. Some are unmistakably too shady to even sign up for. But overall, online stores are always a sure bet when it comes to shopping. You get a good kick out of jumping from one site to another figuring out what option is best. I do almost all my work at home and online so during my personal time offs, I browse through shopping sites. I've been recently visiting Lazada out of curiosity. I heard it once over the radio and saw it twice on television this week. Also, my Facebook account can never seem to get rid of their ads.

Lately, I've been fancying perfumes and as much as I'd want to collect each and every perfume I like, it's more likely that I get voted as president before that happens. My husband's a little tighter on money than I am. We don't usually meet eye to eye but he knows when to loosen the leash so I appreciate him for that. We have a reasonable amount of furniture in the house and it's only in skin care products that he allows me to splurge on. I have really delicate skin because of my skin asthma so I take extra precautions by only buying hypoallergenic products. Unfortunately, they are a lot pricier than the usual brands. But it's also because of my skin condition that I can't put on just any kinds of perfume. That adds up to higher likelihood of me being president than getting my hands on all the perfumes I find nice smelling.

My husband and I are in the process of turning our guest room into a baby room with a baby girl on our way so I visited Lazada because I noticed earlier when I visited that they had a Home and Appliances category. When I got to the site, I saw the discounted items that were self-scrolling down the homepage. I saw that they had perfumes on sale so I went ahead and typed in "˜hypoallergenic perfume'. I guess I subconsciously still wanted to get myself perfume. It only had one result and to my surprise, it was a hypoallergenic perfume for babies. I don't know with you but I think it was God's way of telling me that my baby would have the same skin condition as mine. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I thought it would be a fun item to buy so I bought it anyway. I didn't ask for my hubby's approval on this one anymore because I knew he wouldn't mind as long as it was for the baby. And besides, it could double as my perfume as well. It never hurts to smell like a baby every once in a while. I might as well get used to it since I'll be holding one a few weeks from now. Aww, that idea puts a smile on my face. I can't believe I'm blogging about having a baby now. Time flies when you're pregnant and so does my trail of thought LOL

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