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I've tried lazada after reading several complaints considering that they are relatively new months ago. So last month I've started my first order via cod and they delivered it to Tacloban. 'twas good so I've ordered again (Coby Kyros tablets, 10 units). The delivery was flawless so I've begun to trust this store. On my 3rd transaction I've ordered another 10 units. Things begun to have problems, they delivered only 4 units and that they don't have stocks. I've told them that when I ordered online there were available stocks, after which the remaining 6 arrive 4 days later.

One of those 6 tablets has a prob and defective, so I've called them that I will shipped back the item. By the way I was the one calling them via cellphone coz I'm from tacloban anyway and at the same time phone calls are charged w long distance rates. Most of the time it's their answering machine that is active and took most of my time before they can be contacted.

Anyways, I've demanded that the defective item be replaced only to be told that there was no more item of the same model. So I switch to high end model and that they converted my refund to discount code to facilitate faster transaction. Then I've ordered 2 units with discounts of course and that there were available stocks.

A day later they have called to confirm my ordered wc I say yes, and that they are already packing the unit. I was expecting the next day that it will arrive just like my previous transaction but it did not. So I've waited another day, when nothing happens I've called them and they've told me that they have cancelled my order coz the item was very much in demand. What? Am I not included as customer. Adding insult to injury, they won't refund my money in the form of a voucher and advised me that to order other products, I said no, coz that's the only product I like.

I've demanded a refund if my money but they refused to coz 'twas in a form of a voucher. After a lengthy discussion and arguments wc took me 30 min long distance rates we have finally agreed not on my choice but them to return my money worth more than 5k and deposit it to my account after 10 days.

My saga is not yet over as I still have to wait for my refund. But having to know them ill never transact with them again. I should have listened to the comments, there are other online stores out there wc I could explore too. Lazada us just too complicated with poor communication and after sales. They could have a good start and attracts more customers, unfortunately they have lost one not including its exponential effect.

Monetary Loss: $5489.

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i also ordered from lazada it was also a tablet but its different its a hyundai hy-e702 the shipping was so fast but there are no earphones inside the box but ignored it then after 2 days the charger is broken i ignored it and buy a new one then after 1 week my tablet wont charge so i buy another charger but still it doesnt charge and i think the charging port is broken but the return policy is only 14 days and 18 days ko ng nagamit yung tablet ko i feel bad and waste my money and now i have to repair the charging port of my tablet i wasted so much money for this i am so dissapointed

lesson learned wag nang umorder sa lazada :cry :( :sigh sayang talaga pera ko pls help me with this case


i have been *** by lazada also they delivrd me a unit that has a defect and as for me the unit is a second hand cause when i open the box the screen protector has already set to the unit and has minor scratches. i want to return the unit


Now I'm totally pissed with Lazada Philippines! After niyo ko paghintayin ng order ko pagkakuha ko defective naman!

Useless yung phone na nabili ko sa inyo! What kind of service do you have?! Free nga ang Shipping Fee niyo pero yung service niyo bulok! So ngayon need ko nanaman maghintay ng ilang days bago ko makuha yung replacement!

Don't you dare give me another defective item or else I'm gonna *** sue you! >.

to Arlene Makati, Manila, Philippines #589929

Hi arlene,

nabalik ba ung item sau? coz im also waiting for my returnd item, last november 16 ko pa binalik.

its already 2013, pero di pa din binalik skn :D .. kmsta nmn un?

auko na tlgang umorder sa lazada.. :sigh


sir if they can't deliver then you can ask for a refund and damages because the none delivery of the item was not due to force majeure. they breach their obligation to you....


Jari. Use and with sellers the are trusted with 100% rating.

Just look for their logos.

Another trusted online seller is Kimstore. Her products is cheaper too.


what other online store you can recommend?


Till now, no refund was made.

to Merajim Iloilo, Iloilo, Philippines #656015

salamat sa nyo.buti nlng nabasa ko ang mga koments nyo.d na ako order.dami pa naman sana ako kunin.advise lng sa mga online shoppers.bassahin muna ang koments bgo mag order.

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