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I ordered a stand fan last May 10 for my family and my family in the province just got it today, May 29.

Yes, I waited that long.

After placing the order, I thought it will be processed outright and call me if there's any problem. But that didn't happen. I called them back May 15, and found out that it has not been processed since I have to submit a photocopy of my credit card. And so I did, I got an email that it will already be processed.

The next day, I got another email from a different person asking me to submit the same! It was like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing! So I got upset and needless to say, it was finally processed May 18.

But anyways, After all this waiting, I was just advised that there are some missing parts on the said item so it won't work. The mount/screw of the blades isn't on the box and wasn't included.Also, the item has some scratches on it!

I immediately sent an email about it. Good news is I got a call from someone immediately. Bad news is, she the most rude representative I have ever talked to. I would be talking, and she won't even let me finish.

Her tone sounded as if she's the victim and although she kept saying, "We apologize" it didn't sound like that at all. After all the stress I had with this company, a good and sincere representative could have compensated and made me feel better but it made the situation worse.

The manner that representative speak is really rude and disrespectful. I didn't even remember her name, All I remember is that this company has some really bad customer service.

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want to follow up the replacement of my order. the glass was delivered broken.

cant find what link to follow it up.

will anyone advuse me where to? thanks very big


You see we no longer care about sending back the item. We have already suffered so much stress and hassle waiting for it so thanks but no thanks.

My brother bought the missing part just so that we can already use it and avoid any more inconvenience.

So you can stop asking about the condition of the box or whatever cause we just decided to deal with it. What I am more concerned now is the action that you're gonna do regarding that rude representative?

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