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Talking about online shopping, I too had a distressing experience this holiday season, not with Lazada but with 2GO, their so-called logistics partner. I ordered an Asus notebook from Lazada on December 13, 2014.

I have always wanted to buy a new laptop since my netbook could no longer meet the demands of my work. Instead of buying directly in a store, I chose Lazada because I was enticed by their 1000-peso Christmas voucher. This, coupled with an existing discount, made the price of the notebook so affordable compared to those offered by computer shops. So I made the order.

Thereafter, I got an email from Lazada, informing me that they successfully verified my order. The following day I was informed that my laptop has been fully shipped and is now in the good hands of 2GO. They gave me a tracking number to monitor the status of my shipment at 2GO’s website. It took for about four days before my shipment status appeared on the site.

I was tracking it everyday and on December 20, a week after, I was surprised to see at 2GO’s website that my item was not delivered. There was a note which says: “UNDELIVERED. Reason: Bad Address. Unlocated”.

What the heck! I didn’t even receive any text or call from 2GO or saw any of their delivery personnel at my residence. And now they’re telling me that I had a bad address and that they were unable to locate me? I immediately called 2GO to raise this issue.

I told them that it was impossible for them not to find my address. My place is at the heart of Cebu City and is also along the highway. So what they're saying is basically untrue. Their rep told me that there was nothing to worry.

My item was still in transit and that I just had to wait. Few days after, the same note appeared on the website and there were still no updates. Again, I called 2GO and all they could offer me was the same advice. It has been more than 10 days and my worries got worse.

So I called their Cebu office and surprisingly, a rep told me that my item was DELIVERED TO A WRONG ADDRESS. What the *** This made me so angry that I lambasted their rep. She then told me that she will contact their field office to locate my item and have it delivered to my address. So frustrating!

To this day, I still don’t have my item. I was planning to have it cancelled but my friend advised me to wait a bit longer. A Lazada rep called me yesterday to inform me that my order (a different one) which was delivered by LEX (Lazada Express) is already in Cebu and will be delivered to my address tomorrow. It only took LEX about seven days to deliver my order from Manila.

I told the rep from Lazada about my problem with 2GO and I advised them to discontinue their partnership with this company. They’re such a pain in the ***. Forgive my words. Their reps are so incompetent and their service, the worst ever.

I emailed 2GO many times and to this date, I got no response from them. I'm simply tired calling 2GO and with this long wait that I had to endure. 2GO, please improve your service. This traumatizing experience will serve as a reminder for me to never transact with you people anymore.

And to Lazada, if you don't take proper actions on this, consider this my last order from you.

I'd rather buy directly in a computer shop notwithstanding the higher price that to order from you and wait decades for my item to arrive. And please, DISCONTINUE YOUR PARTNERSHIP WITH 2GO if you really want your business to flourish.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Wide array of products.

I didn't like: Very poor customer service, Inconsistent delivery.

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2019 now!!!! 2Go services is still sucks.

I track my order in their website and it says its out for delivery but the status is "Undelivered: reason Unknown Consignee".

They even text me to prepare the payment for the item that I ordered. I wait all day and all week but, no item is delivered!!!


2go is one of the worst shipping company everi really need the item so nagexpect aq na mrreive q sia b4 march 16 i order it last feb.28 so march 12 naklgay sa shipping information na out for delivery na pero wla aq nreceive den wen i check it today nkalgay undeliver reason bad address fuckshit almost 50times nq nagoorder online at lht nrreceive q tas now mgrreason kau ng bad address fuckhope shoppee and lazada stop ut partnership with 2go


2go sucks.


Nagtext yung 2go sakin ng Jan. 8 and 9 na matatanggap ko na yung parcel ko since then naghintay na ko dito sa bahay pero walang dumating.

I checked theur tracker sa website nila and it says "undelivered, reason:consignee not around" I've been waiting for that package all day pero wala naman dumating. Wala man lang kumatok or what.

to Anonymous #1652667

acctually same case kainis yang 2GO na yan


Ako naman nagtext yjng 2go na matatanggap ko n item ko the. Naghintay ako maghapon wla ako natangga then nag check ako ng madaling araw ang sabi delivered na dw and ang nakakapag taka hnd ko nmn pangalan ung nakatanggap..please help ano pd gawin


Nagtext sila na anticipate you order today last december 29, 3:51PM. Until now wala padin order ko antagal na nasa kanila order ko until now di padin nadedeliver aba. Sobrang tagal hanggang ngayon out for delivery padin.

to Anonymous #1621170

Same. Tapos biglang unknown consignee na nakalagay sa order ko..

Pano kaya yon.. Hayyy


happend to me also, dec.1 pa nasa knila item ko, dec.14 na puro OUT FOR DEIVERY and UNDELIVERED reason: RESIDENCE CLOSED. paulit ulit na ganyan! out of the country na kami in a few days and we badly needed that item cos it’s a carrier for my baby.


That happens to me also. Sept.22 i ordered nova 3i phone, when i open the box no phone inside, there was a piece of broken tile instead.

scam bogus Lazada Delivery. SELLER GADGET WORLD.

Until now no refund. 15,762.00


Nag buy ako sa lazada cash on delivery sabi sa akin kunin ko sa office nila pota


Opt to pay via Cash on Delivery pra kung ideliver man nila yng product o hndi at least wlang perang nwala sau.


April 15 po dapat dadating yung package tapos ngayon po may 5 na... Baka next month pa nila yun edi-deliver Lagpas na po ng 1 week halos mag wa-one month na kainis!


True, antagal nila ideliver sobrang tagal nung April 2 ko pa inOrder April 16 na ngayon Wala pa Rin kabweset, inta-Track ko laging In Transit nakalagay. Mabuti pa sa Ninja Van mabilis.

Baka siguro next year na nila ideliver. Dapat talagang tanggalin na yang 2Go na Yan ka-iStress


True, antagal nila ideliver sobrang tagal nung April 2 love pa inOrder April 16 na ngayon Wala pa Rin kabweset, inta-Track ko laging In Transit nakalagay. Mabuti pa sa Ninja Van mabilis


Had two shipments that was not delivered because of this reason: "unknown consignee". What the *** They didn't even bothered to text or call. What lazy deliverers!!

to Frustrated customer #1428293

Hi! Same issue I had today, almost same, the problem is that I ordered documents from NSO but after paying it, they never gave me a tracking number but only batch number request, 2go arrived earlier...i supposed, because i got a message saying "hi 2go po delivery for (my name) from NSO nandito po ako sa gate nyo" but the message was received around 11am, i just saw it around 1pm!

The problem is that, the delivery staff did not even rang our doorbell or knock in our gate or maybe shout something. I bet he/she did not even wait for more than few minutes.

Grrr.. 2go, you better do your job or a simple delivery can ruin your name

to Frustrated customer #1429373

Same din sa akin. 3rd time na nilang idedeliver ngayon. Ano kaya mangyayari pag di pa dumating ngayon..

to Frustrated customer #1504246

Hi? Ask ko lang if nakuha mo parin ba ung item ?

Manila, Manila, Philippines #1283129

Hi I am on the same situation right now. Can you give me the number to call for 2go customer service hotline.It's been weeks since my documents has been delivered but it havent reach me yet.

Your response would be a great help. Thanks!

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